Mandatory – Diversity, Think Alike, Hate Whitey Whatever Color You Are Brainwashing


Many Americans have little patience or use for fanfare, pageantry, the pointless aggrandizement of a process and prefer to “just get on with it,” whatever “it” might be, and move on. Americans also have problems with hypocrisy and people trying to force views upon others. They’re entitled to their views; but nobody has the right of mandating that someone else be required to entertain their beliefs or provide them with the opportunity to impose them. Not only is it wrong and unacceptable, it’s most likely going to backfire and have the exact opposite outcome.

It’s even more offensive when those ideas are an attack on a person or their core values, who they are as an individual. To top it all off, the bill for the costs of the inappropriate proselytizing goes to the members of that captive audience. It’s wrong and un-American from start to finish.

Today such mandates spreading across America in the name of political correctness and tolerance. It’s called sensitivity training because they can’t call it what it really is, the war on white people. The battleground for various aspects of the fundamental transformation of America is often an institute of higher indoctrination and that is the case once again.

Academia’s liberals, George Soros and his puppets that are the Obama regime have created an environment in which white people are regarded as spoiled racists who must be re-educated as part of their learning experience. Many of those institutions committing the assault on white students are taxpayer funded, such as the University of Missouri, Oregon State University, Virginia Tech and the University of Wisconsin.

The Daily Caller reports the social justice mandatory re-education program at Missouri is called “[email protected]” Of course it doesn’t have anything to do with American citizenship, that’s not important at an American school. What they’re talking about is White Folk Citizenship, how to implant the views of non-whites into a white brain to save them from their natural state of bigotry. Sure, white folks were born as bigots and their evil racist parents made sure they came out that way, but good-hearted academics and black folks can fix all of that.

The brainwashing is mandatory, and is composed of a series of workshops in auditoriums listening to speakers, participation in “enforced group discussions” and sitting through what must be maddening “musical” performances. Rap isn’t music, no matter how many times you’re forced to endure its assault on one’s senses and intelligence.

Students attending the Mizzou mandatory group brainwashing sessions are required to discuss their views of religion and how they feel about the same song performed in different genres. What possible relevance does any of that crap have to getting an education?

The liberal nature of the exercise is no less obvious at Oregon State University where all students must enroll in and complete a mandatory online social justice course called “Concepts of Diversity and Inclusion.” Here’s a concept for you OSU, diversity sucks, it’s ruining America and you’re included.

This year’s enrollment at the University of Missouri is down approximately 25%, with 1,470 fewer students enrolled as of May 1st than last year. They are also wrestling with a $32 million budget reduction and cuts across the board, including lay-offs of employees. It was this kind of idiocy in support of entitled, spoiled racist thug students that led to the enrollment crisis. More of this kind of catering to the wrong crowd will only lead to more of the same.

These re-education centers disguised as universities claim to want diversity but these are nothing more than exercises in mandated similarity and acceptance of the liberal doctrine as dictated. They are no place a parent who cares about the learning environment wants to send their child to. Their cowardly response to the thuggery of last year marked Mizzou as a no-go for many. The enrollment numbers indicate other “less diverse” choices are being made.

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