Man Kills Himself Trying To Take Selfie With Gun

man dies taking selfie

Man Kills Himself Trying To Take Selfie With Gun

Let me start out by saying that I HATE THE SELFIE!

People take pictures of the things that are most important to them and the things that interest them the most.

If what is most important and interesting to you is you, there is a serious problem. We are breeding a culture of narcissists.

Now that is out of my system, let me give you an example of why not to take a selfie.

A 43 year old man in Washington spent the day on Sunday with his girlfriend  taking numerous pictures of themselves with a gun. Quality time, right?

According to his girlfriend the man had loaded and unloaded the gun several times during the hours long photo session.

man dies taking selfie

man dies taking selfie with gun

Apparently, however, he lost track of whether or not the weapon still contained bullets while snapping away.

While trying to take, yet another, photo of himself with the gun, the firearm went off.

The man shot himself and the wound proved to be fatal.

His identity has not been released at this time.

Patrol Chief Chad Clark of the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the incident is being investigated as an accident.

This is not an isolated event. In 2015 there were 31 known selfie related deaths. That is more than the number of people killed by sharks during the same time frame.

Already in 2016, including the man above, there have been 11 deaths reported that were caused by selfie taking.

I get wanting to document an achievement or special event with a photograph. For the love of yourselves and all that is holy, though, stop with the 80 shots a day of your hair, your muscles, your makeup, or you with your pet.

Step out into the real world and pay attention to something other than yourself and develop an interest that isn’t egocentric.

Then the  number of needless deaths will go down and IQ points will go up.

© 2016 Vianna Vaughan


source: Epoch Times