Man Armed With Knife Charges At Police In Tuscon AZ

Man Armed With Knife

Man Armed With Knife Charges At Police In Tuscon AZ

Tucson Police Department responded to an officer involved shooting near Grant and Stone, according to Sgt. Kimberly Bay of TPD

According to Assistant Chief Ramon Batista, the county’s Mobile Acute Crisis Team (MAC teams) responded to a call for help. The team specializes in assisting people that are going through a mental crisis.


Batista says often times TPD gets called in to assist. Around 4:30 p.m. Tucson Police were asked to help serve a court order.

TPD says three officers knocked on the door of the mobile home near Rillito and 7th. When there was no answer, they made announcements for about 15 minutes that officers were there.

Batista says he believes that’s when the officers entered the threshold of the home, and a man appeared from a back bedroom of the trailer. The man was holding at least one butcher knife, Batista said.

The officers backed up into a small yard area, one of them could not get out any further and the man continued to advance with the knife in his hands. Batista could not say what was going on verbally between the man and the officers, as they are in the very early stages of the investigation. One officer then fired his gun, striking the man.

Batista repeatedly said that what happened Friday night was tragic, and the department does everything they can to assist people with mental illnesses. Ultimately their goal is to give people the help they need.

KGUN9 spoke to the family members of the man who died. They say he has been struggling with mental illness, and has been mute for a year. They believe he would understand commands, and they were trying to get him help. The family isn’t against the cops, but wish something else had been done.

The three officers involved are on administrative leave, Batista said, as is standard procedure with these types of cases.

Regardless of what some people say on social media, I don’t believe that police officers wake up in the morning thinking “who can I kill today” they intend to do their jobs the best they can. But their jobs aren’t the easy ones, they don’t have deadlines to meet, they have split seconds to make a decision. A decision that will forever change someone’s life. They know this, they don’t take those decisions lightly. But at the end of the day, they have families they want to get home to.

Which means when someone is coming at them with a knife or a gun they only have the option “it is them or me” I am sure as your reading this it can seem like an easy decision to make. But I don’t believe it is ever an easy decision to take someones life. That stays with you forever, even if it is self defense. To make it worse police officers are criticized for every move they make, blaming race as the factor in the decisions they make. It is not the fault of any officer if the criminals they come into contact with happen to be black, or if the ones that chose to resist arrest are black. That is on the criminal not the officer.

Stop blaming the police for the actions of the criminal. It is obvious to many who is at fault, only the ignorant chose to defend a criminal as the innocent.

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