Police Are Making Women Change Clothes On The Beach Or Face Fines

Making Women Change Clothes

Police Are Making Women Change Clothes On The Beach Or Face Fines 

Armed police officers forced a woman at a Nice beach to remove some of her clothing as part of the French city’s controversial ban on the burkini.

Photos of the incident quickly did the rounds on social media, sparking outrage in many quarters and support in others.
Nice is one of 15 towns that have banned the burkini, a full-length swimsuit that covers the whole body except for the face, hands and feet. It’s favored by many Muslim women, but officials say the ban is a response to growing terror concerns.
The incident in Nice took place at the city’s Promenade des Anglais, site of last month’s Bastille Day truck attack.
The photos show officers, armed with guns and batons, standing around the woman, who was lying on the beach in a blue headscarf and a matching top.
After the woman takes off her full-sleeved tunic, an officer is seen crouching beside her writing what appears to be a note or fine.
Nice authorities say the police officers were simply exercising their duties. Christian Estrosi, deputy major of Nice, denounced the photos saying they put the officers in danger.

“I condemn these unacceptable provocations,” he said.

While I understand that covering up from head to toe for women is a religious belief for many muslims. They need to understand they are the ones in a foreign country seeking safe harbor, they need to adapt and be the ones to give in. Whether it be in France or the U.S.A., I do not believe any country should be changing their ways to accommodate anyone for any reason.
burkini lifeguard
If these refugees were truly seeking safety you would think that they of all people would understand the importance of how quickly and easily a country can be taken over by terrorists. They should be willing to do anything to see that terrorism is not an issue to a country that is giving them safety.

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