Makes The Deaths Of American Babies A Reality, More Room For Junior Jihadis


Two leading members of the freaks of nature alliance, also known as the Democrat Party, were on stage acting unconvincingly like they had a clue about what they were driveling one about, the Zika virus. As the recently discovered missing link looked on with a puzzled, “What would Tarzan do in this situation” expression on her face, Nancy Pelosi spoke about the risk the Zika virus poses.

Pelosi demonstrated her firm grasp on both the concept of geography as well as what is to her an archaic notion of borders and national sovereignty. She stated with striking brilliance, “The Zika in the southern part of our country is in our country.”

She added, “And becau [sic] it hasn’t hit home in their district doesn’t mean it isn’t hitting home for the American people. You know how I am about babies, and this is about babies. And I just can’t understand it.”

Yes, Mrs. Pelosi, we know how you, as a winner of the Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger eugenics award are about babies. We know you support killing them for votes, particularly unborn black babies.

Is that what you and that thing standing next to you have in mind? Some sort of Democrat proposal for fast-tracked, expedited abortions for those who have babies infected with the Zika virus? It’s that kind of cutting edge exploitation of a crisis that could earn her another Sanger award.

In this Thursday press conference Pelosi had expressed her displeasure over Republican opposition to funding for contraception and Planned Parenthood specifically. Yeah, it’s about those black and brown babies, and how to prevent and eliminate them.

If only those Republicans weren’t constantly standing in the way of her efforts to improve this country by importing foreigners and killing off the children of our citizens. She just doesn’t understand it. Hillary Clinton isn’t the only Democrat short-circuiting.

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