Lynch Asked To Rule Out Job As Clinton AG


The House members from Texas haven’t been shy about challenging Attorney General Lynch to answer questions or expressing their displeasure at the evasiveness of her responses. Rep John Ratcliffe (R-TX) does whittle the restrictive non-testimony of the Attorney General down to expose her obvious attempts to cover up her own wrongdoing as well as shielding Clinton from prosecution.

Rep Ratcliffe prefaces his opening question by reminding the Attorney General that she acknowledge the appearance of impropriety in her meeting with Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport. He then notes how the regime mouthpiece, the New York Times, published information that Clinton had stated her willingness to retain Lynch as Attorney General if she were to win reelection.” He asks if the timing prompted her to give any consideration to recusal, her response was that she felt she could explain it away and retain her position of control.

Ratcliffe says he doesn’t want to impugn her integrity by asking the obvious question of whether or not she was bought off by a job offer in a future Clinton administration, but now that the decision has been made, asks if she’s willing to rule out working for the woman she just set free. Lynch once again babbles on, talking about her current focus rather than answering the question. Ratcliffe takes that as a “no.”

He moves on to the possible investigation into the Clinton Foundation, asking her if she’ll agree that she will have to recuse herself in that matter. Of course Lynch is the guardian of all things corrupt in the DOJ, she’s not about to take herself out of her power.

He asks her if her final decision weighed the strength and the context of Hillary Clinton’s actions. At that point Lynch ran for the comfort and protection of the collective, saying again that “That was part of what the team that was presenting to me was focusing on.”

He pins the uncooperative witness down to the decision making portion of the process taking less than a single afternoon and summarizes her rush to a favorable judgment on behalf of her possible future employer.

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