Lyin’ Ted’s Revival Lie-Fest For Colorado’s “Stupid Delegates”


Ted Cruz just can’t help but reinforce the validity of the moniker “Lyin’ Ted” every time he opens that septic pit that lies directly below his nose. He makes Hussein Obama look like a Cub Scout with his compulsion to lie and absolutely no problem in doing so. Lyin’ Ted Cruz is pathological.

At the Colorado delegate convention, Cruz went delegate hunting, wearing his preacher camouflage to conceal the fact that they were dealing with the devil. Fittingly, as Cruz is opening with his blasphemous “God Bless,” the microphone seems to cut out on him a little bit. Maybe Cruz hasn’t earned the automatic blessing he’s proclaiming; His snake oil salesman dad told him he’s entitled as the anointed one, but by whom? Does the devil anoint as well Rafael? Ted gives it a few taps and continues with the revival meeting, a nonstop marathon of one lie after another.

Reverend Ted has an easy mark. The poor pathetic hero/demon worshipers on stage look virtually identical to the fools that were applauding like seals as Hussein Obama made his civilian security force speech, totally unaware of the content of what they were endorsing and applauding. They are the definition of useful idiots.

Reverend Ted is satisfied that the mic is working and begins the festivities with a hearty and sleazy “God Bless the Great State of Colorado.” He doesn’t say why, but it’s obvious they are to be blessed for supporting Ted Cruz.

The video highlights just how comfortable Cruz is in telling his lies and how gullible the attention-starved delegates are in swallowing the manure Mr. Haney is shoveling. He repeats his worn out and “charming” jab at the Trump campaign’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, although most folks would be hard-pressed to name the Cruz slogan. Here’s a tip, delegates, It’s TRYSTED; just imagine Cruz surrounded by eight girls, most married to someone else, a phone in his hand and the DC Madam on the other end. It’s easy to remember when you visualize.

Overacting just a bit, finishing off his sentence with a whisper, Cruz asks if Trump understands the values that made America great in the first place. The answer is yes, Ted. Do you understand the values that made Canada such a great place?

He continues, telling a completely fabricated story, saying, “And Donald Trump turned to me. And he said, ‘Ted, I’ve known a lot more politicians than you have,’ the only kernel of truth to trysting Ted’s tirade, and then hammers on him for being successful for forty years. That’s much different from Cruz, whose career has evolved into one of selling himself and his legislative favors in exchange for campaign funding. It’s nice of him to point that out. He continues, for the second time claiming that Trump called him Ted. Trump wouldn’t do that, it’s Lyin’ Ted, Senator, no cutting corners.

He claims Trump said, “Ted, when it comes to religious liberty, when it comes to the Supreme Court, you gotta learn to compromise.” Lyin’ Ted needs to learn to tell the truth. What a ridiculous statement to make. Give us book, chapter and verse, Reverend Ted; when did this supposedly happen? The lie being told for consumption by “the stupid delegates” continues, with Cruz continuing to misquote, “You’ve got to learn to cut deals with the Democrats and go along to get along.”

Then the anointed when draws a distinction between the fabricated character he just created and himself saying, “Well let me be very, very clear to the men and women of Colorado. I will not compromise away your religious liberty.” That’s great, Lyin’ Ted, neither will Donald Trump and the imaginary cartoon character you just created isn’t in the race.

Cruz then goes on to tell the biggest whopper of the night, fanciful even by his standards. He is apparently secure in his belief that the Colorado delegates are too stupid to count or haven’t been keeping track. He says, “In ten elections in a row, we have beaten Donald Trump.”

Actually it was two elections in a row, starting on the day he won one in Utah and lost one in Arizona. Cruz won Wisconsin with the same kind of manipulation and trickery that handed him Iowa. For Coloradoans who lost track, that’s two in a row. If you throw in the delegate commitments he’s supposedly won in North Dakota and Colorado, which weren’t elections, it’s four. That’s a long way from ten for the Harvard trained elite lawyer. He knows he’s lying, he just doesn’t care.

Cruz used the four victory numbers himself in a statement in Kenosha, WI, saying, “If we have a good night tomorrow, that will be four states in a row where Donald Trump has gotten whooped, and that starts to become a pretty clear national trend.”

That’s part of the problem with being a habitual liar, Lyin’ Ted; you’ve got to remember all of the other lies you’ve told to remain consistent. Nobody could be expected to keep up with his voluminous history of deception.

Reverend Ted closed things out with another “God Bless You,” which seals it. The delegates are honorary members of his 7 Mountains cult now. Anyone who violates their pledge can expect their dog to die. Only Canadian Ted can lie, for everyone else, be careful – the anointed one is watching.

I’m Rick Wells – a constitutional conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. I’m not PC; I call it like I see it. – “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter. –  Please SUBSCRIBE in the right sidebar at or to receive our posts directly. Thank You – Rick Wells.