Lyin’ Ted Earned That Name- The Proof, Straight From The Weasel’s Mouth


Donald Trump was not exaggerating when he first dubbed Ted Cruz Lyin’ Ted and said he lied more and was more dishonest than anyone he knew. While at first it was a little hard to believe, given the phony holy man persona he attempts to portray, the more we see him in action the more evident it becomes that once again, Trump’s people instincts were right on the money.

The lies Cruz tells in this video are not little misstatements, the confusion of statistics or honest mistakes. They’re deliberate lies intended to mislead the public and done so with the full approval of his partner in crime, his wife Heidi. She knows they’re lies, she’s fully engaged in the campaign. Not a word is said to her lying husband to rein him in or encourage him to offer a correction. This daughter of a missionary who teams up with Lyin’ Ted to deceive us into believing they are so godly actually smiles and encourages her despicable husband as he tells the most blatantly false lies. They’re both hypocrites telling whatever falsehoods are necessary to advance them one step closer to the seat of power. How Christian of them.

The whoppers are each refuted with a statement or two from Trump directly contradicting the Cruz lie. The video starts with Cruz telling their gullible, adoring supporters that Donald Trump has pledged to expand Obamacare into socialized medicine. That is met with evidence to the contrary as is each instance.

Cruz says, “And unlike Donald Trump, I will never compromise away our Second Amendment rights.” Once again, it has been Trump’s position throughout the campaign that the Second Amendment is not to be touched in any way, period.

He also misstates, deliberately, as he did during a debate Donald Trump’s position on abortion and Planned Parenthood. He also distorts Trump’s position on Israel and the Iranian Nuclear Deal. Then he says that Trump promised to compromise with Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer on Supreme Court nominees. That statement doesn’t even make sense. Who did he supposedly make that promise to, Lyin’ Ted and how did Trump supposedly word such an odd assertion? Did he just announce “I pledge to compromise on the Supreme Court” while coming down an escalator, on a television interview, on a debate stage? In what land far, far away did this fairy tale take place?

Some young Republicans walked out on the snarky Cruz as he ridiculed the candidate as not being capable of making America great again, leaving him standing on stage with two awful jokes hanging in the air.

Chris Wallace had a terse exchange in which Cruz attempted to ride roughshod over him in order to lie and bluster his way through. It came after the host pointed out the dirty tricks that Cruz had engaged in in Iowa and actions that amounted to an admission of guilt.  Cruz’s right eye twitches noticeably multiple times during the exchange; apparently there was quite a bit of tension below the surface. Cruz accuses Wallace of reading from the Trump campaign’s “attack file,” an accusation that Wallace doesn’t allow to stand. Cruz tries the “Chris, don’t interrupt me” method of taking over the conversation to no avail. Wallace owns him during the exchange, not allowing Cruz to discredit him or wiggle his way out of what became an obvious acknowledgment that he couldn’t portray his misdeeds as anything else. Cruz settles for a statement praising his own campaign as having the highest ethical standards while simultaneously being forced to acknowledge that they’re a bunch of sleaze balls.

The dislike and hatred for Ted Cruz extends to Senator Bob Dole and an interview with Cruz’s former roommate who calls him a nightmare of a human being. Michael Savage fills in with a little background on Ted, Heidi, their close connections to the Bush family and the political establishment. He clarifies for any who might still be laboring under the misconception that they are many things, political outsiders is not one of them.

Cruz is not a stupid guy but both he and his wife are as phony and dishonest as they can be. These aren’t political mistakes they are direct shots taken at their opposition with full knowledge that what they are saying is not true. Eventually holding up a Bible isn’t going to be enough for his devotees and they’re going to realize their messiah is the devil, a pathological liar who has played them for a fool.

Is there any doubt he’s lying about his American citizenship too? They’ll do whatever it takes, or as the Marxists creed says, the end justifies the means; that goes for Lyin’ Ted and Lyin Heidi.

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