Lyin’ Ted Cruz Affairs And #TheThing – Media Covered Up Scandal

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As one reporter for Breitbart put it, “I hate being scooped.”  When the National Enquirer came out with their story on Ted Cruz’s FIVE mistresses yesterday, three of whom have now been identified by name, a whole lot of people had “I coulda had a V-8” moments.  See, the fact that Ted Cruz is a pretty serious womanizer was all but common knowledge in media circles, and on a few of the deep background “conspiracy” political sites for months.  One site claims that there are more in the wings, and that one of the named women is now a former mistress, and thought to be a lot more than that.  (And, yes, one of this writer’s colleagues scooped her today, too.  I knew about this, but it wasn’t confirmed before yesterday.  It’s all good.)

Until the National Enquirer was willing to actually put together a spread and get their legal department to agree that there was enough “there” to go there, no one could get an editorial board or legal department to break it.  So, among the media types on Twitter, the covered-up scandal was known as #TheThing.

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Just consider:

  • One reporter at Breitbart had the full story.  Breitbart is owned by Ted Cruz backer Robert Mercer.  Until a week and a half ago, Ben Shapiro, a Cruz sychophant if there ever was one, was the editor.  Such a story wasn’t going anywhere on that site.
  • Amanda Carpenter of Conservative Review has been identified as one of the mistresses.  She was the one, along with Matt Walsh over at The Blaze, who published a “black list” of Donald Trump supporters in politics and the media that were no longer welcome in their little conservative clique.
  • Katrina Pierson, another of the named mistresses who is reported on one background site to now be an ex, worked with Cruz for quite a while.  She has been photographed with him and looks a lot cozier in his presence in those pictures than his daughters do.  Now, she’s Donald Trump’s campaign manager.  How that happened hasn’t really come out yet.

According to the intrepid sundance, who has been uncannily accurate in this election cycle, before Marco Rubio dropped out and forced a whole lot of people who are in the #NeverTrump camp to back Cruz, the Rubicons were all hot to trot to get this information out in the open.  (#TheThing threads on Twitter before March 15 are pretty desperate. Really.)  If there’s anything Americans can’t stand, it’s a sanctimonious hypocrite, and this story puts Ted Cruz in that category.  Obviously, no one would touch it other than the National Enquirer for reasons of their own.  NE being the publishing media organ, most Americans will refuse to believe it, but the big boys of media are knashing their teeth at being scooped and are busy confirming it.

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As all people actually giving this story the light of day rightfully point out, for as much crap and junk the National Enquirer publishes, the stories on politicians having affairs, and love children are usually accurate.  As much discussion as there was on Twitter regarding #TheThing, this story is downright late in coming out.

What this does to the presidential race will unfold in the next 48-72 hours (during Holy Week and Easter when we Christians are encouraged to confess our sins), is yet to be determined.  One thing is for sure.  Donald Trump KNEW.  He knew and he never actually spilled the beans.  The green light on this didn’t come from him.  Yes, Trump was a serious womanizer himself before he met Melania, but he never lied about it.  That’s the difference.

So, lyin’ Ted, what do you have to say about this?  Care to debate the topic?

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