Lyin Ted Cruz Pretends Calif GOP Is Stupid, Pitches Disastrous Duo


It’s almost as if Ted Cruz thinks the California GOP Convention attendees have been off in a foreign land somewhere, like the one he’s a citizen of, and don’t have a clue about the political events of the last year. It’s either that or he thinks they’re just morons, given the volume of distortions and lies that are falling out of his mouth. Some folks are supporting him, so it’s undeniable that there is a considerable corruption and stupidity factor to be exploited.

Cruz tells those gathered that California will determine who is to be the Republican nominee for president. That’s the same lie he told the folks of Indiana just a few days earlier. How many times does an individual state get to be “the decider,” Ted? There were five states last Tuesday that should have been the “deciders,” and Indiana this Tuesday. When will team Cruz recognize that most folks can’t stand the creepy sleaze ball from Cuba who infested our shores by way of Calgary?

He’s pitching both his illegitimate campaign as well as the gimmick of picking a running mate for an office that he hasn’t yet secured and for which it’s looking increasingly likely that the people of America will have the good sense to deny him.

He attempts to market himself and his running mate who personally is responsible for over 30K layoffs at Hewlett Packard to off-shoring, moving their operations to India and elsewhere, as the opposite of the job killers that they are.

They are the definition of globalist insiders who think nothing of robbing Americans of their futures in the pursuit of a fatter bottom line. Not only did Fiorina pioneer out-sourcing in the Tech industry, she was one of the first to force her victims to train their replacements.

It’s worth knowing that Cruz associates his campaign with that kind of job killer before the primaries in Indiana and California. Maybe he can be held accountable, since he’s getting a free pass on not being an American.

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