Luis “The Roach” Gutierrez Pro-Invasion


Bill O’Reilly laughs as the little cockroach, Rep Luis Gutierrez, changes the question, reverses roles with his interviewer and in every other method imaginable refuses to give a straight answer. It’s an easy question to answer, how to secure the border. We simply return to enforcing immigration laws rather than ignoring them through a de facto amnesty, an illegal usurpation of the Constitution by Hussein Obama and DHS Secretary Johnson.

It’s a problem that the Democrat Marxists, including Gutierrez, have created as part of the fundamental transformation of America, replacing the Gringos with a population that is more accepting of authoritarian domination.

O’Reilly starts the exchange by asking Gutierrez if he believes in open borders. Gutierrez notes that the first two chapters of bills he introduced as “immigration reform” were dedicated to securing the borders, by replacing the coyote with a visa. So everybody can come into the US, just instead of having to hire a guide, the United States becomes their guide. That, and the subsequent change of the definition of illegal alien to visa holder, is supposed to eliminate the problems created by an abundance of low-wage workers.

He asks how they physically secure the border. Gutierrez refuses t answer, saying the Democrats plan to legalize the illegals and that will somehow magically secure the border, still refusing to even define the term from a Democrat perspective. Maybe that terminology doesn’t exist in Democrat lingo.

Luis may have had a Corona or two too many as he seems to be having difficulty grasping the question. He’s simply repeating his talking points of his time in Congress. He then starts talking about visas for agricultural workers as a means of securing the border. He’s not stupid, he’s clearly avoiding giving an answer and O’Reilly, after they exchange “I love you’s” is clearly allowing him to get away with it.”

The fourth try is no more successful than the first three, with the Roach again clearly pressing a talking point of open borders in combination with visas. He’s stating that the problem lies with visa overstays exclusively. It’s an idiotic claim but that’s never been a hindrance to Gutierrez in the past.

O’Reilly makes a point after he’s left the little communist weasel go, of asking his audience if he’d been nice. It seems O’Reilly feels obligated to the little communist roach to provide him with a platform and let him speak as ignorantly as he wants and to dodge every question without consequence. He even invites him back to repeat the idiocy if he decides he wants to try to come up with a response.

O’Reilly gave an answer to the visa overstay problem with a ten thousand dollar fine. He’s also not willing to treat immigration law equally with other American laws. His approach is much the same as that of the Democrats in that regard.

The answer is Jail time and fines, O’Reilly. Let them build a wall or clean up after the illegals that are crossing into America and trashing up our deserts in the heat. Make the consequences real. And for the Little Roach, don’t invite him back on your program. You accomplished nothing.

Building a Wall is the answer. The right way to ask the problematic question would be “what’s the biggest impediment to illegal aliens crossing into America or what do you most not want to see at the border.” He’d have been able to answer “a wall” with no problem in those cases.

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