Luis “The Roach” Gutierrez Mesmerized Danny Glover


Since there’s been nothing in the news about Danny Glover dying while conducting a supposed interview with Luis “The Roach” Gutierrez, we can safely assume that he’s okay, bored with what he’s doing and just fell asleep. Maybe he’s mesmerized by “charismatic cockroach.” Glover’s getting on up there in years.

It’s like the lying liberal has developed a serious meth habit and has only one speed, high. He weaves his way down a list of Democrat talking points like someone who has just had the duct tape removed from his mouth and is afraid it could be reapplied at any moment. Why would anyone remove it in the first place?

The Roach sets new records in pandering per second as he tells the motionless Glover, “There are many things that you and I together, have really spent our life trying to improve in America. And I just wanna, and with this comment, I’ve always known black lives matter. I’ve always known that. I would not be a member of Congress if black blood had not been spilled in the sixties to give me the civil rights and the voting rights that have allowed me to grab that microphone and to be a member of Congress.”

The clapping seal impersonation, something he picked up in a gay pride parade somewhere along the line or while watching Barney, is also great for waking up a fading interviewer, as Gutierrez demonstrates.

Luis displays his weak parenting as he advocates for Planned Eugenics, saying, “Man, my daughters they have so many more rights today and I want to make sure that they keep their dirty, filthy hands off of Planned Parenthood.” They’re your daughters, Gutierrez; tell them to wash their hands.

Since it’s mostly black babies that are killed by Planned Parenthood, Gutierrez, a host who doesn’t speak might not have been the best place to try out that new “I wit chu brotha” tactic when defending the ones doing the killing. Kind of hard to gauge the feedback, isn’t it?

In defense of Planned Eugenics, he told Glover, “And that we don’t have somebody on the Supreme Court that’s going to turn the clock around,” away from extreme insanity of the last seven years. He peeked his head out of the closet momentarily, saying, “I remember 1996 I voted for the gay rights ordinance, it couldn’t pass the city council, a gay rights ordinance, all it said ‘oh you can’t discriminate against gay people.’ Now we have marriage equality spoken about from the Congress of the United States.”

He wraps up his sales pitch of himself saying, “So I’m grateful to Bernie Sanders, and I was really, I was really, there was so much joy in my heart when I watched him. Because I know how difficult it must have been for him to go yesterday and to say we closed the nomination and to endorse Hillary Clinton.”

What Bernie went through, pretend candidacy or not, is nothing compared to what the American people have endured for the last seven and a half years or what lies in store if that anti-American witch is somehow maneuvered into the oval office.

If that happens there will be varying degrees of two responses by the American people; tremendous agitation or stoic, Stepford zombieism like Mr. Glover, the liberal. Can someone check to make sure he’s got a pulse?

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