Lou Dobbs – Voter Fraud And Breathtaking Corruption Of Democrats And Some GOP

Lou Dobbs – Voter Fraud And Breathtaking Corruption Of Democrats And Some GOP

Lou Dobbs addresses the escalating problem of voter fraud, the engineered problem that Republicans failed to stop as the obvious manipulations of the system by Democrats were being carried out. He notes that in the State of Indiana, the State Police are investigating voter registration fraud in 56 of the state’s 92 counties. They’re focusing on a DC based liberal voter mobilization group called “Patriot Majority USA,” though the likelihood of there being anything patriotic about their operations is extremely remote.

Dobbs notes how in the State of Virginia there were 1,000 illegal aliens registered to vote between 2008 and 2012. They’re also looking into at least 20 application in Virginia which were filed using the names of dead people.


He also points out that forty illegals were discovered having voted in recent elections in Philadelphia and seven involving dead voters being registered in Colorado in the last 8 years. Lou Dobbs notes that Donald Trump has been warning ever since this race started that it was rigged and the proof is being realized now.

Ed Rollins notes that the states that Dobbs identified are key swing states, with it being apparent that the Democrats have a master plan for fraud and the Republicans do not have one to match it for prevention. It’s an interesting statement to the lack of moral character of the Democrats that cheating on their part is a given that is not even surprising anymore and that Republicans are presumed to be honest and the ones who will be giving chase to the outlaws.

Dobbs asks again what the Republicans are doing about the problem and meets Rollins’ silence with the question, “Can the Republican Party be any more screwed up?” That question was easier for Rollins to answer, “I don’t think so.”

Dobbs notes how following up the 2008 and 2012 losses with the suicidal betrayals of Paul Ryan is madness. He goes on to display his total frustration and disgust with Congress and the totally corrupt system in place in DC, one that is well on its way to finishing off this nation.

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