Lou Dobbs – Ryan Must Decide – Go With Trump Or Go Home


Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on the “Increasingly isolated and clearly politically perplexed Speaker Paul Ryan.” Dobbs describes as “peculiar” Ryan’s “calls for Republican unity as he simultaneously insists Donald Trump’s rise as the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee has been so fast, so shocking that he has been left breathless and unsteady and uncertain as to whether he should be part of the very unity that he himself is calling for.” Dobbs asks if we’re confused. He replies that “Most people are, about Mr. Ryan.”

“Today Ryan topped himself,” says Dobbs, “One day before Ryan and Trump are set to meet the speaker said Republicans can’t pretend the party is unified. No one has suggested even in the slightest otherwise. So Ryan continues to say little about mostly nothing. But whatever plagues the wretched woebegone Wisconsinite, his colleagues in the House are lining up with Trump.”

Dobbs quotes a senior Republican Senate source as saying Ryan’s hesitation is costing the GOP valuable fundraising time in preparation for the upcoming battle against the Democrats.

Lou Dobbs is on target, saying, “In my opinion Ryan has become a caricature of himself who has won more favor with Democrats by collaborating with the White House than anything he’s done for the Republican Congress. Ryan is in fact,” Dobbs notes, “that voters this year are rebelling against. In Congress for 17 years, Ryan has produced exactly three bills that have become law, including one to name a post office after a professional politician and another to place an excise tax on arrows.”

Dobbs points out that in addition to his lack of productivity in the House, Ryan is a slacker on the campaign trail, having lost his home state of Wisconsin when he was the Vice Presidential nominee in 2012 and lost his hometown of Janesville twice during that same year.

Dobbs describes Ryan as “More than vaguely, it seems to me, delusional, about his own capacity and the political reality that now confronts him. I believe personally it’s time for Ryan to find some, some little scintilla of modesty and some considerable, considerable amount of gratitude for what has been fortune’s favor and to be grateful for the political opportunity that a magnanimous Donald Trump will be presenting him tomorrow on Capitol Hill.”

“Well, we’re left with follow or get out of the way, Mr. Speaker. It’s that time; Trump is the party’s future, and I think, the country’s.”


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