Lou Dobbs – Overwhelming Clinton Bias Of Leftwing Lester Holt Could Be A Benefit


Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on the performance of moderator Lester Holt in the first debate of the 2016 general election. He, like the rest of the fair-minded people of America who are not joining holt in the adoration at the swollen feet and ankles of Mrs. Clinton, feels that Lester could have been much more objective.

While Hillary Clinton urged fact-checkers to “get to work” in support of her disagreements with Mr. Trump, Lester Holt jumped to her defense as well. Dobbs notes that Holt challenged “Trump six times on his answers while Mrs. Clinton went unchecked altogether.

holt trump

He plays a clip of Holt making the phony birth certificate finally produced by Hussein Obama an issue and refusing to accept Trump’s response and pressing him on his tax returns. He notes the completely different and much more favorable treatment Clinton received, that Holt, “gave her a pass. Mrs. Clinton wasn’t pressed on her various scandals, she wasn’t pressed on any of the issues or that the Clinton Foundation, the pay to play allegations, Benghazi, her handling of classified information, her email scandal.”


“This is how Mrs. Clinton was press,” says Dobbs, “on her use of a private email server.” He plays a clip of Holt saying, “He also raised the issue of your emails, do you want to respond to that,” and then accepting her declaration that it was a simple mistake.

He notes that was the only reference Holt made to the scandal and the serious compromise of American secrets and security in spite of the FBI Director pointing to six different lies she told in the cover up.”That was Holt’s sole challenge of Hillary, not only on the issue but for the night.”

Dobbs declares, “In summation, no doubt Lester Holt was decidedly anti-Trump, in the tank for Clinton and holding her hand through the evening. Holt failed to question Hillary about her scandals and then failed to follow up on her answers. Holt gave Clinton an easy pass.

After making clear the bias that was shown and continues to be shown against the GOP candidate, he believes that “more nights like last night will seal the deal for Donald Trump, all to the benefit of our nation.” “Don’t complain too much,” he urges, “the benefits may be profound.”


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