Lou Dobbs – GOP Elites Dictating “No Trump, No Voters,” They’ll Decide


Lou Dobbs takes note of the suicidal faction of elites within the Republican Party who have declared  themselves to be lords, masters and dictators over the voters and, unhappy with their decisions, are taking it upon themselves to impose the will of their cabal on the masses.

He points out that they have made stopping Donald Trump the number one priority of their party and reminds us that they are “the same GOP elites who screwed up and lost two presidential elections in a row.” A secretive group of “our superiors” met for five hours earlier in the day plotting to save the country from the voters, seeking to find a way of installing their official puppet of the money changer class and continue with the status quo, minus the people’s interference.

Dobbs reports, “This group of conservatives, led by Red State founder Erick Erickson sound a bit like an ideological suicide platoon, as they reportedly are considering a number of strategies, including a third party conservative run for the White House. Trump to this point has outwitted his opposition; he’s outmaneuvered them for months, both Republicans and Democrats. Super PACS have reportedly wasted more than $200 million attacking failed Republican candidates that include Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and at the same time voters have made it increasingly clear they want Donald Trump to be the nominee and by a sizeable margin.”

Dobbs continues, “The GOP establishment is equally clear. They won’t accept Trump and they are now committed to what appears to be a battle and it might include the death of the party itself. They’ve already begun talking about changing rules that now favor Trump, changing those rules to exclude him.”

The comments of Paul Ryan in which he says he and others are now “getting their minds around” the idea of an open convention, one in which the people’s choice is subjugated in favor of the elites remaining in power. So much for the Constitution, representative government and the will of the people.

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