Lou Dobbs – Cruz, GOP Establishment Stealing Election Through Delegate Process


Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts and some comments on the state of the Republican Party, the presidential contest and the attempts by those in power as well as Ted Cruz to change the results and the rules that allow them to do so.

Dobbs points out that while there are 42 delegates up for grabs, in some ways quite literally, Cruz is already laying claim to 25 delegates that are free spirits from the state of North Dakota. The people have no say in that state, the establishment chooses for them.

He also cites a Washington Examiner report that Cruz is already working to recruit delegates in Arizona, a state in which he was soundly defeated by Donald Trump. This is all based upon the hope of the Cruz-Kasich-anti-Trump establishment cadre of evil that is hijacking the will of the people to steal the election on the subsequent ballots following a failure to reach the necessary 1,237 for a first ballot victory.

Trump is “vowing to file a lawsuit,” says Mr. Dobbs, “over delegate selection in Louisiana and in Tennessee, where the campaign is accusing Republicans of trying to stop pro-Trump delegates from even being part of the state’s delegation come July.” Dobbs muses, “This political stuff is tough, huh?”

He continues, “But the RNC firing back today and you know, this is not going to surprise you one bit. They’re defending their process.” He plays a clip of Sean Spicer, the RNC Communications Director, who puts the responsibility on the campaigns. He said, “It’s the job of these campaigns, you go out and you win the delegates and then you get your person to run and what you want is to have them maintain  a commitment of you for as long as possible, hopefully through all of the balloting. But that’s part of the process.” Clearly the Republican elites value their “process” more than the will of the American people.

Dobbs mocks Spicer’s reverence for the process as if it were chiseled in concrete. He notes that Trump has chastised his team for falling behind, losing their edge in the delegate fight and is now taking that component quite seriously. As Dobbs says, “To preserve his delegates and prevent the establishment from subverting the will of the voters.” He adds, “Now that, is a good idea.”

He has an appropriate quotation of the evening on the topic of petty partisan politics from Plato, who said, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

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