Lou Dobbs On The Clinton State Department, FBI, and BRIBERY… What Could They Have In Common?

Lou Dobbs On The Clinton State Department, FBI, and BRIBERY… What Could They Have In Common?

An increasingly thoroughly disgusted Lou Dobbs says, “You could not make anything that is happening in this country these days, you could not make it up. A few thoughts now on Hillary Clinton and those who drive the Clinton Cartel from the Near East desk of the State Department to the office of John Kerry himself to the Clinton Foundation to the Justice Department to the FBI to the White House. The stench of broken trust and public corruption fills the dank, heavy air of our capital.”

“Despite what you may be told by the Clintons and their accomplices and co-corrupters,” says Dobbs, “There are few accidents and seldom any coincidences in the dark, secretive Clinton realm of power. There is most often only careful calculation and orchestrated lies and deceit.”


‘In a monumental Irony,” Dobbs says, “the search for truth hidden by and behind the rotting bureaucracy of our federal government has been chiefly aided by the relentless stream of emails, documents and secretive speeches given by Mrs. Clinton, all now revealed – by WikiLeaks. The WikiLeaks releases confirm without exception that the Clinton cartel will do anything to hide the truth from Americans, giving life to the axiom she stated in a 2013 speech saying, ‘you need both a public and a private position.”

Dobbs observes that perhaps neither is the truth, noting that one aide under Clinton proposed a bribe to the FBI in order to make a problem go away by declassifying an email from the illegal Clinton server.  He notes that somehow the Clinton State Department still remains in the Obama administration, calling it a government within a government.”

Dobbs is dumbfounded by not only the fact that the bribe was attempted but that there was a sufficient level of confidence in the pervasive corruption that the aide was comfortable in the attempt. He notes she simply refused a federal judge’s order to respond to 18 of 25 questions regarding her corruption. That’s an indictment on the judiciary as well and on the previously well-respected and highly regarded Judge, Emmett Sullivan.

 Dobbs points out that the only reason we know about the bribe attempted between two departments of the Obama administration is the FBI apparently learned from WikiLeaks and simply posted these illuminating and incriminating documents on the FBI webpage.”

He’d like to think Director Comey developed some integrity and ordered the information posted. That’s an iffy proposition at best.


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