Lou Dobbs – Clinton Recruiting Illegal Aliens To Steal Election


Lou Dobbs addresses the rampant corruption and audacity of the Democrat Party and the Clintons in exposing in a most searing and accurate manner. He begins with a reference to their ability to intimidate all who stand in their way, including the FBI and its director. Dobbs says, “It’s amazing to me” as he reports that “Hillary Clinton is now recruiting illegal immigrants, are you ready, for her new national voter registration drive. It’s called me ‘sueno tu voto,’ which translates to my dream, your vote.”

Dobbs continues, “She’s expected to talk about it all week at campaign stops all around the country. Let me repeat,” he says, “She’s going after illegal immigrants in her voter drive. Are you surprised? None of us should be. The Clinton initiative comes on the four year anniversary of ‘president’ Obama’s executive orders blocking the deportation of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, up to five million of them. Obama wanted to block the deportation of those millions more until the Supreme Court stopped him. Well, we think it stopped him but we’re not entirely sure and no one’s following up to make sure he’s following the Supreme Court’s orders.”

“Either way,” Dobbs says, “for Hillary Clinton it’s payback time and now she’s banking on the Hispanic vote in November. Clinton has promised she’ll introduce legislation in her first 100 days to expand Mr. Obama’s amnesty programs. She wants comprehensive immigration reform with a full path to citizenship in 100 days; done deal.”

 Dobbs notes that the push for illegal aliens to pervert the electoral process is nationwide but will focus on the key battleground states of Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina and Florida.” Mr. Dobbs isn’t persuaded by the pathological liar Clinton’s assurances that they intend for only legal Hispanics to vote, that they’re drafting illegal aliens to help spread the word to legal voters.”

Dobbs describes Hillary Clinton’s intentions as being “absolutely crystal clear. Bring in as many illegal immigrants as possible. Bring in as many refugees, principally Muslim, as possible. Eliminate any requirement possible for registration. And give the right to vote, de facto, to as many people as possible irrespective of citizenship, residency or the disenfranchisement of lawfully registered voters; you know, American citizens.”

He notes that the Democrats are stealing not only the election but are refusing to enforce laws, our border and the integrity of our elections. They’re stealing the country and no Republican is lifting a finger to stop them.


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