Lou Dobbs – Bushes And Clintons Shameful, Corrupt, Problem With Dynasties


Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on “Ryan, Romney, the Bush Brothers, Senators Graham and McCain and their fellow travelers in the Senate who aren’t standing up for the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, not for their party; they’re not standing up for their country.”

Dobbs says, “Let me say this at the outset. Shame on them, shame on all of them, shame on every one of them. The Bushes disappoint most of all, “says Dobbs, maintaining a straight face. “They embrace Obama and most of his policies but out of animus can’t bring themselves to support Donald Trump, can’t respect the Republican voters who have chosen him.”

Dobbs continues, “And in their petty spite will in effect support the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, who they know would be utterly disastrous for this country that they have served.” He says, “George W. Bush, who served the nation in a hotly contested and disputed election should of all people in this great country understand his duty, right now, to Trump, to the GOP and to the nation he served.”

The disloyalty of the elites to the Republican Party, their egoistic elitism, is precisely why, in this election millions of voters are rejecting career politicians and our failed class of political elites. It is why,” Dobbs says, “in my opinion, Donald Trump will not only win the election in November, he will usher in a new era in American history and restore principle and integrity to government, restore prosperity to all Americans and restore pride and confidence to a people who are finally rising up with their votes to claim the nation’s future.”

He adds, “That is because they finally have a candidate worthy of their votes. Millions upon millions of Americans are moving to the public arena, where the debate is raging, where new voters will be making their choices. And they are frightening the establishment. That’s why in large measure the Bushes are withdrawing from the arena, preferring to watch as the Clinton campaign reportedly courts donors to Jeb Bush’s failed campaign, to finance another losing candidate; this time the Democrat nominee, another Clinton, presumably.”

Dobbs closes saying, “Bushes and Clintons, there’s a reason why 7 in 10 voters in this country are opposed to political dynasties in America. Trump has already dispatched the Bush family’s representative in this election. And now he has only one more candidate to defeat to broaden the leadership of the nation. And to restore representation of the American people in their government, that for too long has been in the hands of the entitled elites and an establishment that has dismissed the very thought that ours is still a government of the people and for the people.”

The Bushes, Romney, Ryan and others will either honor the people’s will,” says Dobbs, “or they won’t be missed in the least as the rest of us work to make America great again.”


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