Lou Dobbs – Bizarre, Futile Cruz Kasich Alliance Insults Voter Intelligence


Calling it “One of the most bizarre and apparently futile political maneuvers ever in this country,” Lou Dobbs has some well deserved criticism for what he describes as “the crazy Cruz and Kasich combination candidacy, the two candidates now one.”

He notes their odd conspiracy is “Bringing together the refreshing elements of an establishment candidate who is a sitting governor who is running fourth in a three man race for the GOP presidential nomination but who claims he’s the only one who can beat Hillary Clinton in November. Add to that another conservative candidate who, as a freshman Senator, shut down the federal government in 2013 and whose positions on amnesty and trade seem to be in frequent flux and require frequent explanation to the voters.”

Lou Dobbs continues, “These two establishment figures have bound themselves to one another, not to win, but try to diminish Trump’s results in three upcoming state primaries. Obviously, Cruz/Kasich has a low opinion of voter intelligence in those three states. Obviously believing the voters to be dumb enough to not notice the icy insincerity of the two failed candidates, Kasich will stay on the sidelines for Indiana’s May 3rd primary, 57 delegates at stake, and Cruz will abstain in Oregon and New Mexico, 26 and 24 delegates at stake respectively.”

But Cruz and Kasich can’t even get their so-called alliance right,” Dobbs points out. “Here’s Kasich sounding like one of those, well you know,” playing a clip of Kasich tap dancing and back tracking on his alliance instructions to voters, telling reporters, “So what, what’s the big deal,” that they’re just saving resources.

Dobbs answers that question saying, “Cruz and Kasich look even weaker than ever. They look just like the establishment tools that Trump has been railing against. And this will only drive, in my opinion, his voter support even higher. Cruz and Kasich have now offended the sense of fair play that is a fundamental value for nearly all Americans, certainly when it comes to elections.”

Dobbs points out that “Trump again is the candidate championing fair play, whether against the rigged GOP primary process that disenfranchises voters in a number of states or against the collusion of the establishment and two candidates against the party’s front-runner. And I think we could call him the presumptive nominee.”

He also notes that they have given Trump exactly what he called for weeks ago, one opponent at a time.” He has a quote from legendary Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight, who endorsed Donald Trump on that same day as well.


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