BOMBSHELL: GOP Delegate Says “We Choose The Nominee, Not The People”…Video

Deep down anyone who knows constitutional law knows that TECHNICALLY, the office of president is elected by the state legislatures.  Over the centuries, a courtesy has been granted to the people that the popular vote translates into which way states swing in presidential elections, but the reality is that when it comes down to it, delegates chosen by the state legislatures elect the president.

Well, now, in 2016, as light is being shone on all sorts of practices within the American political system that expose the whole circus for the elite power broker game of cat and mouse with the American people that it is, all of a sudden we now are finding out that in 1976, the Republican party put it in the rules that the candidate is most definitively chosen by the delegates.  And the eight states thing?  Yeah, a candidate needs the support of the majority of delegates from eight states AFTER the delegates are seated at the convention.  Apparently, it has nothing to do with the primary votes.

In a moment of pure honesty that may well cost him in the long run, a GOP Committee Member from North Dakota by the name of Curly Haugland (no, this is not a bad western movie, and he is not the guy who rustles cattle) in an interview with CNBC’s Rebecca Quick admitted that the primary process is really more or less a show.

“That’s the problem. The media has created the perception the voters will decide the nomination, and that’s the conflict here.”

“We are just one of the political parties — there’s many political parties — but political parties choose their nominee, not the general public. Contrary to popular belief.”

This is one of the few quotes taken out of context that really seems to mean what it says.  Don’t believe that anyone would be so dense as to actually admit this?  Here’s the interview. As usual, there is more to it, but the essential point is the same.

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Basically, if there are not enough “bound” delegates to elect the front running candidate – in 2016, that would be Donald Trump – on the first vote, the delegates just keep voting until they have a candidate.  From the way these people are talking, it could be any candidate, not the one the people are voting for.  Someone who previously was not in the race could be nominated on the floor and become the candidate…that seems to be the message, even if that isn’t right.

The rules were put in place in 1976 most likely in the wake of the Watergate scandal when the Republican Party was indeed in chaos after Richard Nixon’s resignation, and it was not guaranteed that Gerald Ford was going to win.  Now the Republican Party is in disarray again, but that’s a result of the party ignoring the people – WHICH IT SOUNDS LIKE THEY ARE PREPARED TO DO AT THE CONVENTION!

“Then why bother holding the primaries?”  No kidding.  Seriously?  Are we going to go through months and months of election build up, and popular votes for primaries only to have the people’s votes ignored if a first ballot falls short?  What do the GOP committee people think this is, the Baseball Hall of Fame?  Come on, don’t blame the media for leading on the public when, if this is the reality, it is within the party’s power to just hold a convention to determine who the nominee is and not spend so much campaign cash?  Why bother keeping the people in the loop, and perpetuating a false impression?

Donald Trump has said that if he walks into the convention in the lead and doesn’t actually get nominated the people are going to riot.  It may not come down to riots, but Washington, D.C., on September 12, 2010 is going to seem like a picnic.  There were only two million people involved in that demonstration, and they were quite peaceful in their protests.  This time, the constraints aren’t going to be so tightly leashed.

Yes, it’s true, when it comes to the office of president, technically the state legislatures elect the office.  However, the parties nominate the candidates.  In both cases, the will of the people can be ignored.  Is that REALLY such a hot idea with a free press and the right to keep and bear arms?

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