Listen To Former FBI Asst Director Take James Comey Apart

Over the summer, when FBI Director James Comey did not recommend indictment for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton less than a week after her consort met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch under bizarre circumstances in Arizona, We the People smelled a rat.  A very big, rotting, full of maggots rat.

As it happens, we were not the only ones.

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom, a face that is familiar from former years if not his name, called into Fox Business network to talk about his reaction to James Comey’s obvious deflections and dereliction of duty.

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Mr. Kallstrom is correct when he says that so many people – in Washington, and not – are blaming Comey for this obfuscation, and not the FBI as a whole.  Word had leaked out for months prior to the announcement that the agents working on the investigation were ticked that a high ranking Pentagon official got jail time for far less than what they were finding in relation to Hillary Clinton and her email server.

The point cannot be overstressed that the sheer number of immunity grantees in this case sends up red flags to anyone who knows anything about the American criminal justice system.  Yes, immunity granted to someone at the bottom of the food chain to get information on someone at the top is a time honored way of doing business in justice, but we are talking about several people guilty of felonies including destruction of evidence – and even Comey is implicated in that.

If someone of the level of Kallstrom’s reputation and stature is baffled at how the FBI is reported to have conducted the Hillary Clinton investigation, the rest of us are justified in being confused.  In addition, there are enough former prosecutors on the House Oversight Committee, let alone the Special Committee on Benghazi, that we know for sure the FBI sans Comey enjoys a decent reputation.  If Trey Gowdy says what they are seeing does not resemble the FBI he knows and has worked with, then there is a darn good chance that we’re not seeing the real FBI in the Hillary Clinton case.

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