Liberal Judge Who Ruled Obama A Citizen Repeats Same Mistake With Cruz


As was expected, the New Jersey judge who ruled in 2012 that Hussein Obama is a natural born citizen without having to personally see the relevant documents has made the same baseless decision in the matter of Canadian Ted Cruz. He’s accepted the birth certificate of Canadian birth to a US mother as documentation of his fitting the requirements for being a natural born citizen, without ever having to have been declared a US citizen in compliance with the law.

Unless Cruz registered with the State Department as an American citizen prior to his 18th birthday, documenting his foreign birth, or was naturalized in some other way, he is today a foreigner. This judge chose to focus narrowly on the issue of a single parent being able to convey natural-born status, which is almost irrelevant in some ways to the Cruz situation. He missed completely, probably because it fits his globalist establishment duties to do so, the larger issue of Cruz failing to become an American citizen under the law.

The pro-Cruz, pro-GOP establishment reported simplistically, “A judge in New Jersey has ruled that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is indeed a natural-born citizen and is therefore eligible to be on the New Jersey ballot. Cruz, who was born in Calgary while his father was working there, is an American citizen via his mother’s American citizenship.”

American citizen and natural born are two different things. More importantly in the case of this illegal alien Ted Cruz, is the “fact” that his records are hidden, just as his comrade Hussein Obama has hidden his, because he is not an American citizen. Having failed to apply for US citizenship by the age of 18 prevents it from being conveyed to him by birth.

This agenda-driven judge chose to ignore that reality. The citizenship of his parents is of no benefit if he never acted upon it, which he did not. He’s a foreigner and they are deliberately skewing the argument to once again subvert our Constitution and advance the anti-American globalist interests.

The candidate, Victor Williams, has seven more cases filed. Maybe he’ll find an honest judge who will demand that Cruz show his records somewhere along the way. Maybe the other seven will also contend that we must trust and not verify when Lyin’ Ted says he’s an American. Maybe the corruption has already gone too far.

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