Leftist Michael Moore – Trump Will Win


Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore has made a career of creating misleading and untrue propaganda documentaries. He spends much of the rest of his time being a rotund sort of horsefly circling our potato salad or the engorging himself on the customary Democrat delicacy, recycled barn floor sustenance. This time it’s different. He’s not spouting misleading White House disinformation; he’s actually speaking the truth, much to the dismay and shock of his fellow libs.

In an appearance on the Real Time with Bill Maher Show, the self-enamored liberals were engaged in their customary self adoration, complimenting each other on their intelligence and superiority. They were, as usual, making light of the “stupid Christians, rednecks, hillbillies” that populate most of the country. The little people who actually believe the Constitution when it says they are capable of self government. These enlightened few are given a startling dose of reality by their sloppy comrade. Donald Trump is dangerous.

Moore says, “I’m sorry to have to kind of be the buzz-kill here so early on but I think Trump is going to win.” As the crowd boos his comments, Bill Maher comes to Moore’s defense, saying, “You know what, boo if you want, I am glad you’re saying it. Everybody should say it. The enemy is complacency. Say it every day; he certainly could win.”


Moore continues, “I live in Michigan, let me tell ya, let me tell ya, It’s going to be the Brexit strategy. The middle of England is Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania and Mitt Romney lost by 64 electoral votes. The total electoral votes of those four states in the rust belt – 64.

All he has to do is win those four states and I’m telling you, I was there during the Michigan primary and he went there in front of the Ford and he said ‘I’m telling you right now, they move this factory to Mexico I’m putting a tariff on the cars and that’s it.”

Moore says, “It was music to people’s ears and more people in Michigan in the Michigan primary voted Republican than Democrat in the primary this year. That should be disturbing to everybody.”

No Mr. Moore, that should be disturbing to the establishment slave masters, particularly those within the Marxist Democrat party. We’re taking our country back. You eggheads can go back to grooming each other and commenting on the many various aspects of your impressiveness, your dismissive ridicule of the rest of America.

We’ve got a country to save. For once, we hope Michael Moore is right.


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