Laura Ingraham Accused Of A Nazi Salute Let’s Look And Decide

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham Accused Of A Nazi Salute Let’s Look And Decide

Many are saying that Laura Ingraham did a Nazi salute at the end of her speech last night at the RNC.. We all could get into a long argument whether she did or did not, let’s take a look at this from a non-bias point of view!

As you can see Candidate Hillary has used a “Nazi Salute” on more than one occasion!


Barack Obama has used the “Nazi Salute” as well!

Senator Barack Obama vows "yes we can".

Once again here is Hillary! This seems to be a trend with her. 


Again we have none other that Hillary!


As much as I can not stand Hillary Clinton or despise the policies of Barack Obama, do you see how stupid this all is? These are pointless pictures and a waste of time and effort. Truly there is more to both of these people that I could find wrong than looking for an angle in their wave to misconstrue the meaning. 

That is exactly what happened last night with Laura Ingraham, someone was watching her speech waiting for anything to happen so they could run with misinformation. This is where we are in America, we do not go after people for what they actually stand for. Many people look for a visual reasons to attack someone because in all reality they don’t have the intellect to attack anyone further than what meets the eye.  

Maybe if we could intertwine politics and pokemon go, we could get more people involved. But as of now politics seems to be a voluntary effort. As for the ones that so ignorantly went after Ingraham last night, you look incredibly ignorant, more so than the stampede of morons storming the streets for a virtual creature in a game. Maybe you should sit this election out and work on becoming the pokemon master, I think that is more to your intellectual level! 



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