Latest Polls: Public Opinion Takes A YUGE Turn

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 10: Denard Span #2 of the San Francisco Giants scores on a two-run rbi double from Joe Panik #12 (not pictured), beating the throw to catcher Austin Barnes #28 of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the bottom of the six inning at AT&T Park on April 10, 2016 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Contrary to the popular meme among Democrats and Republican hand-wringers, it looks like public opinion is shaking out in favor of the candidate most ridiculed and least coddled among the field this year.  Yes, that candidate is Donald Trump.  And in the more reliable Rassmussen Poll (as reliable as polls go), it looks like getting Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and all related revelations off the front pages of the nation’s media organs via Black Lives Matter backfired.


The results as outlined by Pulse Opinion Research LLC for Rasmussen:

  • Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton 44% to 37% with 13% in favor of another candidate and 6% undecided.
  • Trump has support of 80% of Republicans, and 13% of Democrats.
  • Hillary is backed by 72% of Democrats and 5% of Republicans
  • Trump is ahead of Hillary by 17 points among whites.
  • Hillary leads among women voters by 8 points, the Donald leads among men by 17.
  • Trump leads among Americans over 40, those under 40 are more likely to be undecided.
  • The only economic tier where Hillary leads is people who make less than $30,000 per year.
  • Democrats are more confident than Republicans that their candidate will help yield Congressional seats.

Without getting too deep in the weeds on how could anyone support Hillary, the reality is that there are those who do.  In the week following the flare of Black Lives Matter, and Hillary’s comments on the matter, her popularity sank a bit more.  And that is just in this poll. This week, there were several that showed Trump ahead of Hillary at levels that just a handful of crooked precincts cannot overcome.

In no way should anyone take comfort in the polls or think that the election is going to be anything less than a knockdown drag out fight to the finish. Polls are notoriously incorrect.  However, with the number of them showing Trump in the lead, and with Hillary’s connection to a White House that clearly is pushing lawlessness at the expense of the will of the people, this may be the one time the polls are right.  Maybe.

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