Latest: Hillary Emails SO SECRET…No, Really, This Is BEYOND Bad


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When the designation “special access program” popped up regarding a couple dozen Hillary Clinton emails reviewed by the Intelligence Community for the Inspector General of that group, the people familiar with classified information designations knew that the stuff was sensitive.  What was not known was that the emails are so secret that additional special security clearances are needed in order for the people on the congressional intelligence and foreign relations committees to see them.

A source with knowledge of the intelligence review told Fox News that senior members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, despite having high-level clearances, are among those not authorized to read the intelligence from so-called “special access programs” without taking additional security steps — like signing new non-disclosure agreements.

According to the Hildebeast and her entourage, this, of course, is all a plot by the people who want to destroy her politically:

“This seems to me to be, you know, another effort to inject this into the campaign, it’s another leak,” she said. “I’m just going to leave it up to the professionals at the Justice Department because nothing that this says changes the fact that I never sent or received material marked classified.”

Well, Hillary has a problem in any case, because sources are telling Fox News that the reviewers and the IC elements that signed sworn statements saying that this material is SAP designated – and that it does not matter if it was marked so since the intelligence is obviously top secret or better when it hits a keyboard – had to sign additional non-disclosure agreements before they could review the material.

And now, in order to add this information to any number of other investigations and oversight operations, several Congressmen and Senators – even senior members of the committees – will have to do the same.

Special Access Programs contain intelligence that could expose the entire intelligence network, and compromise assets, couriers, informants, spies, facilities and more if that information ends up in the wrong hands.  Given that these emails traveled through Hillary’s private server kept at home, which agents are sure was hacked on more than one occasion, the odds that our enemies and frenemies know the same information that our own lawmakers cannot access.

This is the kind of slip-up that gets people killed.

Oh, and that’s not all.

A former Justice Department official said there is another problem — warnings from State Department IT employees and others that she should be using a government account.

“If you have a situation where someone was knowingly violating the law and that they knew that what they were doing was prohibited by federal law because other people were saying, you’re violating the law, knock it off, and they disregarded that advice and they went ahead, that’s a very difficult case to defend,” Thomas Dupree said.

But, as we all know from Mrs. Clinton herself, the release of IG Charles McCullough’s letter earlier this week, and now this information are politically motivated.

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