Latest Hillary Email Dump Hints At Law Breaking

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Before anybody gets too excited that the latest batch of Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department contains 66 more emails transmitting classified information via non-secure server or that one whole email chain appears to be Hillary telling a member of her staff to strip all the markings off of talking points information and transmit it some other way than secure server, remember this is Hillary Clinton we are talking about.

However, before the news organs and Judicial Watch have had a chance to  thoroughly examine the documents, Fox News did find this exchange which would appear to demolish the concept that Hillary Clinton never knowingly sent or had sent emails with classified information sent via an unsecure server:


“If they can’t, turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure.” From [email protected]

Ed Morrissey over at HotAir calls this “game, set and match” and an order to violate a law prohibiting the transmission of classified material via unsecure means.  If memory serves, Mrs. Clinton SWORE that she never sent classified material unsecured and never ordered it.  “Code Red”?  In the strictest sense of the term the Marines use, not exactly, but close enough.  There was an obvious order to deceive even if it was simply due to leaving off identifying markings of the talking points for whatever “they” were trying to transmit to the State Department unsuccessfully over a secure fax.

By the numbers so far, this brings the total of classified emails found in the over all universe of Hillary Clinton’s records during her time as Secretary of State to 1,340.  The 1,262 messages released at two in the morning overnight numbered around 2,900 pages.  The messages are still making their way to the online reading room, but with the exchange in the image above with Mr. Sullivan leading the way as all interested parties wade through them, Heaven only knows what other bombshells await.

In addition to that exchange, notable emails released include a shock from Hillary that a diplomat named John Godfrey sent a classified memo via a personal email, and a message from Bob Bergdahl, Bowe Berghdahl’s father which had been forwarded from Jake Sullivan.  “Our Nation is stumbling through a very volatile world. The ‘Crusade’ paradigm will never be forgotten in this part of the world and we force our Diplomats to carry a lot of baggage around while walking on eggshells.”  (Crusade paradigm? They’re still fighting holy wars.  And why would we walk on eggshells?  We’re the superpower.)

The middle of the night release may well have been a response to the State Department Inspector General criticizing the untimely release of these emails.  At the same time, the January 29 full email release deadline is looming.  More of these releases are in the offing.

Just remember: this is Hillary Clinton.  Her just reward may not come in Federal Prison, but in a different life.

This story is moving fast.  More details coming.

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