German Government: We Can’t Find All The Migrants


Government records in Germany are off.

Over in Germany, the government is suddenly faced with quite a quandary.  They can’t find about half of the 1.1 million migrants processed in their EASY system (Erstverteilung von Asylbegehrenden, which translates to Initial Allocation System for Asylum Seekers) which was designed to provide basic necessities ahead of actual asylum registration.  600,000 of those registered in the initial wave have vanished.

Government statistics show that Germany registered 1.1million applications by the end of last year under its EASY system, which does not record much more than an applicant’s county of origin.

About half of those people cannot be located.  They’ve vanished.  Disappeared.  Gone poof.  Pulled a Frodo with the ring.

According to the Daily Mail, there are a number of possibilities of why this is the case:

  • The migrant-asylum seekers have moved on to another country.
  • The individual registered more than once under different names in order to see if they could get a better deal from the EASY system operators, and be sent to the city of their choice.
  • Delays in the processing did prompt a number of invaders to skip that step.

Whatever is the case, Germany, famous for keeping accurate records during the Holocaust and Olympic swimming doping days, has 600,000 applications for entry to the country for people who may not exist.  It has been found that half the migrants did, in fact, register more than once in order to be sent to a different location than the one they originally drew.

Aside from the obvious alarms that the nation does not know who they took in given the number of people who applied more than once, and then lied about their country of origin for better luck in being accepted, etc., the records needed to be sure that German cities meet their quota of hosted asylum seekers are now amazingly inaccurate.

In addition, the state and local governments at the other end are not seeing the number of actual applications for asylum they were expecting.  The way the system was supposed to work was that the refugee got into the country on the EASY train, and then was to report to officials in their destination city where the officials were to take care of the details.  So far, only 476,649 – 326,529 men and 50,120 women – have completed the asylum registration process leaving 600,000 unaccounted for.

With the New Year’s eve sex attacks, the rape game reported by authorities, and much more bad news coming from the country that wanted to be so generous, this is more bad and cautionary news for a general population already not happy with leadership in Germany and other countries for letting in the “migrants” in the first place.

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