Lahren – Korryn Gaines Was Poking The Bear


Tomi Lahren addresses the Korryn Gaines BLM “victim” who had a death wish that she played out on live stream video and in which she involved her children as well. Lahren says her incident is bigger than just Gaines and exactly what she is afraid of. She asks, “Celebrities, activists, the Democrats, Black Lives Matter people, is this where you want to be? Black lives don’t just matter when the narrative is read your way.”

“This false narrative of random police brutality and the Black Lives Matter victimhood,” she says, “is directly to blame for this one in Baltimore. Martyrs for the cause and untouchable by common sense; see this wasn’t the first time Gaines tried to provoke officers and get attention for it. She posted videos of a traffic stop back in March trying to get attention. She was pulled over, not for driving while black but for driving with a cardboard license plate. And shock alert, she wouldn’t comply with officers. In fact, she said they would have to murder her to get her out of the car. Is this real life?”

Ms Lahren says, “I warned you about his and many in the law enforcement community. When a Facebook live video or an Instagram post or a police encounter gets you fame, notoriety and martyrdom, there is every incentive in the world for people like Korryn Gaines to stoke the fire and poke the bear. Why?”

She says, “When you take the suspect’s word as gospel and bow down to the demands of the Black Lives Matter extremists this is what you get, a 23-year-old mother of two dead. She streamed the whole damn thing. He supporters cheered her on and encouraged her not to comply. Who the Hell would do that? Is that the definition of your Black Lives Matter? And what about the black life of her son? She used him as a tool, a prop in her video.”

Lahren points out the absurdity in the racist claims that police plotted to engage in a half day standoff out of some random racism, noting the criminal history of the couple. She implores the members of the black community and any clear-headed thought capable members of Black Lives Matter, if such a creature exists, to “Speak the hell up.”

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