Lahren – Don’t Expect Clinton To Denounce Seddique Mateen


Tomi Lahren recognizes the appearance of Seddique Mateen, the Taliban supporting father of the Pulse nightclub murderer at a Kissimmee, as being perhaps the most problematic of her many shady, undesirable supporters. The fact that his son is responsible for the deaths of 49 people and 50 more injured wasn’t enough to deter her campaign from inviting the terrorist sympathizer and enabler to her speech and a front row seat. Of course he’s at a Hillary rally, other than plotting jihad or radicalizing young terrorist wannabes on his radio show, where else would he be?

She points out that Mateen was supporting Clinton’s national security positions, open Islamic immigration as well as her opposition to America’s means of defending themselves from madmen such as his son, the Second Amendment.

Lahren has a question for Clinton, “Do you denounce Seddique Mateen? I have a feeling none of your buddies at MSNBC, ABC or the Clinton News Network [CNN] will ask so I will. Do you denounce him, Hillary?” She says, “Shoot, they ask Donald Trump to denounce people every other day so I’m just curious.”

Ms. Lahren goes on to remind us that the Democrats “still refuse to name the enemy.” She points out that “Attacks carried out by Omar Mateen specifically in the name of ISIS and radical Islam still mystify the woman that wants to be your next commander-in-chief.”

She asks a follow up to Clinton’s remarks with Mateen in the background in which the candidate described hatred as being at fault in the Orlando attack. Lahren asks “What kind of hatred is it, Hillary? Like, what caused this attack? Was it Donald Trump? No, Oh I know, climate change. No, not that either. Maybe it was the Second Amendment or capitalism or fossil fuels or the gun. Or maybe it was, say it with me now, radical Islamic terrorism carried out by a radical Islamic terrorist.”

Ms. Lahren continues, saying, “This is a national security election, so Americans, pay attention. Hillary wants to increase the number of Syrian ‘refugees’ to your backyard by 500%; that would be roughly 65,000 people. If the sight of Seddique Mateen at a Hillary rally doesn’t make you a little uneasy, the open door ISIS policy should.”

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