Lahren – Change The Subject From Clinton To Trump


Tomi Lahren has had more than she can take with the media’s incessant parading of Khizr Khan around every outlet, as instructed by their Democrat masters.  She says, “Wake up people, do you see what’s going on here?” She spells it out for the heavy sleepers to get them all caught up.

“The DNC had a Hillary problem,” she says, “You know the problem that Hillary not only compromised national security with her emails but also lied to the families of our Benghazi warriors. Not looking too good for Hillary on the military support front. So what do the tricky Democrats do? Well they cherry-picked a Muslim military family to grandstand for Hillary and attack Trump. They had to.”

Lahren says, “This was the theme of the DNC, pick a pawn and pander, up to bat, the Muslim pawns. There are 2.2 million active duty reserve military members in the United States military. Less than 6,000 identify themselves as Muslims.” She points out how the DNC didn’t have to look very hard to find the Khan family, pointing out the already existing relationships that included links to Saudi Arabia and the Clintons.

“So the stage is set,” says Lahren. “We’ve got a Hillary-backing Trump-hating Muslim military family on the DNC stage. Khan goes after Trump for his proposed Muslim immigration hold and then all of a sudden the media spins it into Donald Trump dishonoring their son, the true hero of the story.” She asks, “How the hell did it jump there?”

Lahren notes, “Donald Trump saluted Capt. Khan as a hero. Are you telling me it’s a sin to vet and monitor those immigrating from terror-infested countries because Capt. Khan, a Muslim, served in the military? Now the Khans are parading around the media circuit using their son’s name and sacrifice as a vehicle to attack Trump and plead for the GOP to disavow him. Sad thing is most of the spineless RINO’s will do it.”

Ms Lahren says, “Maybe we should be asking them Democrats to disavow Sharia Law, something Mr. Khan has written and defended in law journals.” She asks if this whole Khan charade is supposed to excuse Clinton’s bad behavior. That’s what it’s designed to do as there is no record of accomplishment for Clinton to run on. There is only a record of failure and corruption.

She has a bone to pick with the dishonest media as well and does.

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