What Kind Of BLM Moron Stands In A Busy Street At Night? A Hospitalized One


This person proves that while Darwin may have been theologically incorrect, he did have some things right. His ideas about natural selection and survival of the fittest didn’t include a warning not to stand in the middle of a major roadway in the middle of the night. Some things are best left to nature to sort out.

Black lives matter as much as any other life, but no more, and stupid lives matter less. This person placed less value on his own life than he expected to be afforded by others. When you’re raised up thinking that the world revolves around you, you might miss the reality that other people are interested in their own lives and to them not only do you not matter, you don’t exist. The typical entitled, self-absorbed protester, preoccupied with disrupting and getting the cadence of your chant just right, could lose interest in their personal safety.

Being afforded safe zones in which you can act like a child in a shopping cart that can’t quite reach the bag of Skittles at the register sets the tantrum thrower up for a rude awakening. What’s he to do when the mommy of the real world doesn’t hold up the line behind her to find out what the screaming brat is demanding? Standing in the street with a sign, this Einsteins’ solution, was the wrong choice.

This BLM agitator was standing in the middle of the road at night, a dangerous proposition for a white person. For a black man, in a relatively dark section of a high speed roadway, he was begging to be hit. As politically incorrect as it may be to say, he’s hard to see. Reality met his demands. BLM thugs are always creating chaos and demanding something. This guy should be demanding an apology from his “safe zone” brainwashers. How was he to know it didn’t extend to the real world outside the one created by educators, Don Lemon, CNN and Eric Holder?

Apparently this guy didn’t die or it would be all over the news and he’d be another BLM martyr whose stupidity is celebrated on some day in August and is supposed to now shape our decision making. It’s actually surprising that this type of thing doesn’t happen more often. Aggressive morons attempting to intimidate and assaulting innocent citizens, using their own civility as a weapon against them, deserve the consequences of their actions. Natural law doesn’t care about political correctness or manipulated social status. Stupid is stupid equally in every color.

It’s possible that this guy learned a valuable lesson and when the third anniversary of dead thug Michael Brown’s assault on Darren Wilson is celebrated, this knucklehead may decide to stand on the shoulder of the road. Maybe he should just celebrate in the McDonald’s parking lot or better yet, his own driveway.

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