Kerry Attacks US, Promotes Globalism To “Most Diverse” White Graduates Ever


How is it that Secretary of State John Kerry knows that the audience he’s speaking to is “the most diverse class in Northeastern’s history, as he stated in the lead up to his inappropriate, opportunistic shot at Donald Trump?

Did he even bother to look out into the audience? In the crowd shots attached to the article there are two black faces visible, and possibly some brown, Asian or other ethnicities spattered into the mix, but it’s indisputably a white crowd.

Did they make all of the “colored students” sit somewhere else? How singularly white was Northeastern in previous years to now qualify as the most diverse ever? How many shades of white brought him to his proud moment and observation? And why does Kerry feel compelled to inject race into his comments in the first place? Is there any reason other than his own anti-white racism, based upon Marxist Democrat political opportunism and globalist agenda promotion?

Does reality ever enter into the calculations of this globalist trash? Perhaps, to the extent that it must be denied and targeted, reality is a component, but only in that regard. The public self-servant Kerry seized upon the opportunity and the fact that he had a captive audience in liberal Massachusetts to take a shot at the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

Swift Boat Johnny said, “You are the most diverse class in Northeastern’s history, in other words you are Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.” What he was doing was calling Trump a racist, even though he didn’t have the customary human props in the audience to back up his false claims.

The “negotiator” of the worst giveaway in history, nuclear weapons and a big pile of money to the Iranians continues on his partisan political snipe hunt, saying, “But remember please, we’re not exceptional because we say we are and keep repeating it, we’re exceptional because we do exceptional things. Aside from the exceptionally dangerous, traitorous and misguided things, Kerry has no experience or track record upon which to base those claims.

He continues, “In other words, greatness isn’t about bragging, it’s about doing, it’s about never being satisfied, it’s about testing the limits of what we can achieve together.” He has to bring the collective aspect into it because creating a slave class is who these communists are. They must move the agenda “forward,” towards a one world government that leaves the America we non-parasites have known and loved behind.

all white graduates

He then goes on to tell the students that the America their parents remember didn’t really exist, the great nation of the free and the brave, the land of opportunity as it’s been described to them is just an exaggeration, a fairy tale viewed through “rose-colored glasses.”

He says that he thinks “that everyone here, especially the class of 2016, understands that.” What he’s saying is they believe it, because they’ve been programmed to believe it, both as part of their “education,” as well as the social, cultural and media manipulation. It’s the lie that his globalist ilk has been spewing and inundating them with; they’re global citizens, America is so passé.

Kerry says, “You’re about to graduate into a complex and borderless word.” That’s not the truth, but the truth has never held much influence over the excrement that is released from his facial sphincter ani externus.

They are actively attempting to create a borderless world because it is a component of their destruction of America and the transition to world government. Raising up a generation or two to believe that it is their duty to look beyond the land of their accidental birth is a key part of the process. Success is represented as proper assimilation into the New World Order, which involves the submission to and acceptance of the ideology that exceptionalism is demonstrated by being ordinary world citizens. There is no such thing as extraordinary Americans. Every occupant of the planet is equal, as laid out in the UN sustainable development 2030 document.

That is why he felt compelled to ridicule Donald Trump, their nemesis, who still adheres to the belief that America is great, and that Americans are as well. Some like Kerry, American by birth and passport only, are noteworthy in their despicability. Others, the middle class everyday productive Americans clinging to our guns, our Constitution, our heritage and our nation, are extraordinary simply because we are Americans.

We’re better than everybody else. It looks like we’re going to have to prove it again, to this freak and his commie comrades.

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