CHARLOTTE: Records Show Keith Scott’s Wife Filed Restraining Order Against Him

Meanwhile, back in Charlotte, North Carolina, some enterprising reporters are digging into the past of one Keith Scott, the man shot by police last week in an incident that touched off the whole Black Lives Matter mess again.  It seems that Keith was nowhere close to the angel his widow and the lawyers want the world to believe.  In fact, in 2015, the widow filed a restraining order against him citing his striking one of their children, and his possession of a 9mm weapon.


“He hit my 8 year old in the head a total of three times with is [sic] fist….He kicked me and threaten [sic] to kill us last night with his gun. He said he is a ‘killer’ and we should know that,” she wrote on the form last October.

The complaint asked, “Is there any reason that a law enforcement officer should consider the defendant a potential threat? (i.e., carries concealed weapons while drinking alcohol, has threatened officer, etc.)”

She marked “yes” and wrote, “He carries a 9mm black.”

This restraining order was not in place long, but does seem to confirm the gut reaction of many Americans who viewed all the video footage released thus far confirming the official Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police account that Keith Scott was armed, and did not comply with instructions:

The officers observed the driver, later identified as Mr. Keith Lamont Scott, rolling what they believed to be a marijuana “blunt.” Officers did not consider Mr. Scott’s drug activity to be a priority at the time and they resumed the warrant operation. A short time later, Officer Vinson observed Mr. Scott hold a gun up.

Because of that, the officers had probable cause to arrest him for the drug violation and to further investigate Mr. Scott being in possession of the gun.

Due to the combination of illegal drugs and the gun Mr. Scott had in his possession, officers decided to take enforcement action for public safety concerns. Officers departed the immediate area to outfit themselves with marked duty vests and equipment that would clearly identify them as police officers.

Upon returning, the officers again witnessed Mr. Scott in possession of a gun. The officers immediately identified themselves as police officers and gave clear, loud and repeated verbal commands to drop the gun. Mr. Scott refused to follow the officers repeated verbal commands.

(More at Conservative Treehouse.)

The weapon found at the scene of the shooting has Keith Scott’s DNA and fingerprints on it in addition to being loaded.  Witness statements  – and the widow’s cell phone footage of the incident – also matches the police account moreso than the meme that Keith Scott did not have a weapon, even if she claimed he didn’t.

In addition, Keith Scott’s rap sheet, going back at least a decade, includes several driving under the influence citations, check fraud, aggravated assault and shooting a man for which Keith Scott was sentenced to time in prison in Texas.  The full story is not a pretty picture of a gentle, family man.

And so another Black Lives Matter excuse to riot narrative falls apart.  It seems to happen every time.

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