Karma – Zuckerberg Gets A Taste Of What His Censors Do To Patriots Everyday


It will be interesting to see how long this post stays up or what other repercussions Facebook Nazis might want to direct my way, but the analogy was just too perfect for a weak person who has been a favorite target of the speech Gestapo at Facebook to resist.

A test firing of Facebook’s SpaceX rocket was being conducted at Cape Canaveral when it inexplicably blew up, taking a $168 million satellite down with it. For this to happen to a guy who targets patriots and their right to free speech through his illegal monopoly with no thought as to their wellbeing, their futures or the future of this nation, is a beautiful thing. What was to have been Facebook’s first satellite, was ultimately little more than just another of their familiar Iron Boots.

With the explosion of his rocket on a Cape Canaveral launch pad, is being prevented from carrying messages, those that have been approved by their speech police, to future African electronic slaves, destined for programming by the global elite who will claim them as their subjects.

Zuckerberg learned what it feels like to have years of work and future plans instantly destroyed by an unseen, uncaring, all powerful force that isn’t interested in an explanation and not open to discussion. He’s been given a smidgeon of the pain he’s inflicted on countless others as he operates his unconstitutional monopoly with the blessing of the federal government in the pursuit of the destruction of America and the creation of a global empire.

He now shares the fate he’s inflicted on countless American patriots who have worked years to build a Facebook presence and had their sites taken down without any explanation, recourse or legitimate avenue of appeal simply for telling a truth that Mr. Zuckerberg doesn’t want in the public sphere. Zuckerberg is now forced to face another unpleasant truth; his rocket blew up, his satellite was on it, and his plans of African conquest will be set back a little bit.

Zuckerberg’s response was “As I’m here in Africa, I’m deeply disappointed to hear that SpaceX’s launch failure destroyed our satellite that would have provided connectivity to so many entrepreneurs and everyone else across the continent.” He makes it sound so humanitarian doesn’t he, that entrepreneurs will be denied access. The only businessmen he cares about are those bringing money and power to his operation. Global power and government can’t happen without controlling the people of its largest continent.

Facebook censors have been pulling this writer’s articles down on a daily basis lately, so this one is probably headed for electronic no-man’s land as well. But sooner or later the world will figure out just who this little twerp is. There are plenty of patriotic Americans with a story of Facebook abuse to tell who hope his company is broken up for his illegal anti-trust violations. He thwarted the efforts of a few in Congress with a show for “conservatives” earlier this year. The benefits of that charade will hopefully be short-lived.

The bottom line is it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fellow.  As they say, Zuckerberg, Karma is a bitch.


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