“Justice Has No Watch” Read What FBI Warrant For Huma Abedin Finds!

If you ever wondered how far Comey and his FBI can dive into the Huma Abedin, Clinton e-mails let me inform you.  It’s policy and procedure for the Justice Dept. to give the FBI a  warrant to allow them to  investigate a hi-government official employee such as Abedin for  exposing any national security information. They will examine whether or not material contained in Huma Abudim computer was classified.  Basically, it’s what  the Bureau did in its previous email investigation  about Hillary Clintons e-mail server.

The FBI agency had already possessed Weiner’s laptop, but agents were required to obtain a separate warrant to investigate the content of Abedin’s emails. The original warrant obtained for Weiner’s laptop only allowed for examination of content related to his alleged messages with a teenage girl. For the record, Weiner has firmly denied exchanging any inappropriate messages with minors.

Now, agents will begin going through the Abedin’s 650,000 or more emails that were discovered on four computers.  She was to have turned these over way back when and she didn’t.

However, the FBI only has probable cause to search the emails relevant to the Clinton investigation, so the actual number of emails whose content will be searched is going to be a lower number. Agents may find new information but it’s possible that any emails sent to and from Clinton’s private server have already been seen by the FBI during its previous email investigation.

With both warrants allowing the search, Comey wishes they could find pertinent info before Election Day, but federal law enforcement officials anonymously stated that there was “no chance the email review could be completed before Election Day,” due to the highly compressed time period.

Senate Democrats want this info out NOW.  They are fueled by frustration and anger over Comey’s decision to re-open the case. It will probably affect the Election. They indicated that by Monday they wish to have “more detailed information about the investigative steps that are being taken, the number of emails involved, and what is being done to determine how many of the emails are a duplication of those already reviewed by the FBI.”

These  warrants allow FBI to acquire some important info, but warrants don’t have control over timing and transparency.  Everyone has to wait and see.  It’s a cliff hanger for sure!

H/T:  www.Bustle.com



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