Just Say The Magic Words – Nine Out of Ten Illegals Released Inside US


The report from station KUSI in San Diego is described as a major reality check by the host introducing the piece. It deals with the absurdity of the way our immigration laws are not enforced and the self-defeating policies put into place by the Obama regime.

Reporter Dan Plante spent the day at the border with Chris Harris, of the National Border Patrol Council, meeting with agents and touring their ground zero. He starts by quoting a statistic that nine of every ten illegals apprehended are released into America, on the US side of the border. “All they have to do is say the magic words,” says Plante.

Harris notes that fences are effective provided there is the proper infrastructure and agent staffing to allow them to work. Right now they are 2,000 agents below the levels set by Congress as the minimum level for the CBP.

Plante points out that the most critical problem lies elsewhere. He says, “That’s not the only thing that needs fixing. Even if thousands of agents were hired and every illegal is captured, the policy from the top is letting them go as fast as they are caught.”

Harris describes those illegals apprehended, when asked why they came to the United States illegally, identifying Obama specifically by name as saying it was okay for them to come. He says, “So there is a belief that they will remain and that belief is true.”

Plante notes that as long as the illegals state that they want to claim political asylum, they are released on this side of the border. Harris describes the Border Patrol as a “Wal-Mart welcoming crew.” He says, “It’s really disheartening to our guys to know they have to patrol the border but all you have to do now is say you have a credible fear and you’re going to be released.”

The illegals have their scripts and they’re being coached from their home countries with Obama regime assistance and catch and release once they’re here.


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