WOW! Seriously Ticked Cruz GOES OFF On Trump

Cruz goes off on Trump

Seriously Ticked Cruz GOES OFF On Trump

Ted Cruz is ticked off. Not a little upset; seriously angry.

He spoke to media today regarding the situation involving Trump’s insults toward Heidi Cruz.

*some language follows*

“It’s not easy to tick me off,” he stated. “I don’t get angry often, but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids and that’ll do it every time.”

Then he addressed Donald Trump directly. “Donald you’re a sniveling coward! Leave Heidi the hell alone!”

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Cruz isn’t pulling any punches when comes to his family.

Trump was upset because an organization supporting Ted Cruz used a photo of Melania Trump in an ad.

The ad is tasteless. You will get not argument on that front here.

In the photo, shot for a British GQ issue, Melania is nude. The picture was already publicly accessible online. Apparently, Trump didn’t have a problem with GQ using it, just people voting for his rival.

Food for thought- If Donald didn’t want people making use of immodest photographs of his wife, then perhaps he ought not have married a woman who made her living via them.

The ad did not come from Cruz’s campaign team, but Trump went after Heidi Cruz in retaliation. Not once, but twice.

Initially he threatened to “spill the beans” about Mrs. Cruz.

Then he tweeted side by side photos of the two women. Heidi’s is somewhat less flattering than Melania’s. The text read “No need to spill the beans. The images are worth a thousand words.”

(Not that Trump judges a woman’s worth by her appearance or anything. Anybody remember the Carly Fiorina face comment?)

This was enough to incite Ted Cruz to respond directly to the real estate mogul and let him know exactly how he felt.

Not that I agree with Ted’s use of an expletive, but I understand the sentiment.

The ad containing Mrs. Trump was uncalled for. Attacking your rival’s wife because you’re mad about it is even less appropriate.

This is the United States Presidential race, not the seventh grade student body government election. It is high time that the school yard antics got left behind.

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