Juncker “We Must Fight Nationalism” Or War Is Inevitable

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Perhaps they have progressed in their conquest to a point where they cannot continue in secret due to the nature of their offenses. Whatever the reasons, the globalists are increasingly exposing their treachery to the light of day. The EU global government oligarchs are still responding to and feeling the sting of the UK Brexit vote.

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has opted for a new strategy in his fight to persuade the world to surrender voluntarily. He revealed his true enemies are the independent sovereign nations of Europe, the same nations he hopes to persuade to remain under the control of his Brussels oligarchy.

He denounced their existence as independent nations on Monday in a speech at Alpbach Media Academy. Juncker said, “Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians.” He coupled that observation with a call for all borders across Europe to be opened up, ignoring completely the turmoil that has been created as the result of the current ongoing Islamic importation project.

One could easily conclude that this guy isn’t satisfied with the level of chaos he, Hollande and Merkel have created and he’s going for more. That’s probably true but it’s also likely that he recognizes they are approaching a make or break point in that many other nations will soon hold referendums on EU membership. There’s also the problem of Erdogan’s Turkey, an unwelcome potential addition attempting to force and blackmail their way into the EU. Nobody in their right mind wants Turks travelling freely among member nations. And we can’t forget the terrorist happy hunting grounds that they are creating across “free, borderless Europe.”

The EU is also on the verge of creating their continental army, or had been before the UK voted against remaining in the union, which will further undermine individual national identities and sovereignty. Adding to the evidence that the man from Luxembourg, the insignificant country that is little more than a province, places no value on nationhood, Juncker also stated that a stronger EU was the best way of beating the “rising trend of nationalism” across Europe.

Nationalism is nothing new in Europe and is far more than a rising trend in its current revival. It is a response to the assault that his organization is making upon the people of Europe. Local government is always more representative of the people. The nations are the means through which the Europeans will tell him to where to shove his globalization scheme just as the Brits did.

The fear-mongering Junker was full of quotable comments, warning that Europe will return to war if the EU disintegrates, quoting former French president Francois Mitterrand, who once proclaimed that “nationalism added to nationalism would end in war.”

“This is still true so we have to fight against nationalism,” Juncker said. We have to fight against nationalism, we have the duty not to follow populists but to block the avenue of populists.” The admission is finally made, the EU is at war with the sovereign governments of Europe and intent on their elimination.

In other comments he described Brexit as an “unheard-of political crisis” for the EU that could only be overcome by remaining as one. “In the concentration of globalization and European problems, we must not lose our way.” 

In a parting shot, Juncker admonished the Brits, saying, “Patriots don’t abandon ship.” Of course he is abandoning his nation, the rowboat SS Luxembourg, for the united Europe. As always, as an elite, he was speaking for other people, not himself. He’s just doing what any unpatriotic, Trojan horse international pirate would do in this situation; like Hussein Obama, or Hillary Clinton.

We formerly free Americans have mistakenly come to believe we would always have our rights as sovereigns and that none would dare to challenge us. We have failed to act, even when the offenses of the globalist enemies, the UN, George Soros, global banking cartels, CFR and other organizations intent on shaping us into slaves to their elite power bloc were seen.

It is a fact that reasonable, objective people can no longer deny and one which is becoming increasingly difficult for the globalists to hide. The relative freedom of the West is under a concerted, deliberate conquest and with it will follow the rest of the world. Acceptance of our fate is a choice we are making now through passive inaction rather than conscious acts, by opting for complacency rather than overt and direct repulsion. Rather than expelling Congress for failing to act on our behalf and replacing them with members who will, we re-elect the traitors – why?

For context, the globalist pig making these statements is the same drunk piece of crap slapping European leaders in the face at an EU summit in the video below.

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