Judge Napolitano – Obama’s Outlaw ATF


Laws are merely obstacles to be overcome to the Obama regime. One of their favorite techniques for violating a law is to simply ignore it. If someone happens to challenge them they’ll deal with it then. Congress has demonstrated it has no desire to uphold its Constitutional duty to police the integrity of the Executive Branch through any means, let alone through a confrontational impeachment. Obama is well aware of that fact, which has given him the freedom to reign as a dictator.

Judge Napolitano has learned of some illegality with regard to gun owner tracking that should be of particular concern to all Americans who value our right to bear arms. Every freedom loving American should be alarmed over this regime both in their penchant for lawlessness and authoritarianism as well as their determined efforts to disarm their future slaves, the American people.

Judge Napolitano explains the issue, reminding the audience that the ATF licenses gun dealers, not gun owners. He notes that information as to gun sales is permitted to be gathered for statistical purposes only, but that names, addresses and other identifiers of the individual as well as the type and quantity of firearms they own are supposed to be destroyed. As it turns out, the Obama ATF is not complying with the law, hanging on to the information.

Napolitano points out that Obama is anti-Second Amendment as is Hillary Clinton and that the ‘president’ has a small army in the form of the ATF which could, if so instructed, go door to door with an inventory of what to confiscate from each gun owner.

Agreeing that lawbreaking by this corrupt outlaw regime should not surprise us, Napolitano says that the actions of the ATF and Obama are “reprehensible, it violates federal law, it violates a Supreme Court opinion, it violates our natural right to self-defense which is protected by the Second Amendment.”  

Judge Napolitano notes that Congress should be up in arms but so far not a peep. He thinks that a committee such as the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee headed by Congressman Jason Chaffetz might be a possibility.

Doocy asks Napolitano what his concerns are with the list being in the hands of ATF. He responds, “That an anti-gun president or somebody in an anti-gun president’s administration could use the list to harass gun owners, law enforcement, military and civilians who disapprove of the government’s policies and that would be reprehensible.” Doocy injects “and ultimately it would be essentially a map to where all the guns are.” Judge Napolitano adds, “To confiscate.”

Obama has already demonstrated with immigration, the Iran deal and TPP his willingness to bypass Congress and the Constitution when he’s unable to get their approval. Since he’s been unable to manipulate confiscation into a compromise with Congress, we have every reason to believe that he would simply continue to build upon his dictatorial precedents and attempt confiscation based upon a false pretext.

As devastating and unacceptable as that would be, it is even worse in that illegal guns such as those belonging to criminals and terrorists would not be on the lists so they wouldn’t be included in any confiscation. The end result would be the bad guys end up with the guns, both within and outside of government. The law-abiding American public would be unarmed and unable to defend themselves, subjects to tyranny.

Obama and Clinton are exactly the types of tyrants the Second Amendment was intended to protect us from. We the people can’t submit to this tyranny no matter what the consequences or our nation is lost. Congressman Chaffetz, please take the advice of the Judge. Haul the ATF in for some questions and put a stop to this before it’s to late and they’re at the door.

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