Judge Napolitano – FBI Documents Show The Fix Was In For Clinton From The Beginning


Judge Andrew Napolitano comments on Hillary Clinton’s responses during the Commander-in-Chief forum as well as other aspects of the Clinton web of criminality. He describes how “on Hillary Clinton’s first day in office as Secretary of State she received a two hour tutorial from two FBI agents specializing in national security who explained to her her obligation in the proper care and handling of national security secrets.” That training included “her obligation in recognizing those secrets whether there’s a header on them or not.”

He also points out that “At the end of that two hour tutorial she signed an oath promising to obey the law and to recognize secrets on the basis of their content not on the basis of what’s stamped on them.” Napolitano is disappointed that the FBI chose not to follow  “a lot of trails here” in the prosecution but that their hands were tied, the fix was in from the beginning.

He says, “I think the FBI was told to exonerate Mrs. Clinton at the outset of their investigation and I say that for a number of reasons. No grand jury was summoned, no evidence was presented to a grand jury, no subpoena was issued, no search warrant was issued.” He points out, “If you read the FBI documents that came out the weekend before Labor Day, there are five times in there in which the author of those documents said, ‘we couldn’t find, we didn’t have, we hoped we could acquire. That’s because their hands were tied by whatever political forces are controlling the FBI.”

Judge Napolitano is asked about the House Oversight and Reform Committee hearings that Rep Jason Chaffetz has promised to hold regarding the issue. He replies, “I commend Congressman Chaffetz but it’s too little too late. Nothing’s going to happen to Mrs. Clinton in terms of a criminal prosecution before election day. It should have happened when Jim Comey made his statement in July.”

They recognize that the Clinton Foundation is an entirely different issue that could have implications, but as far as the email goes, if Clinton gets into the White House, Judge Napolitano believes to a great degree she’s got FBI Director Jim Comey to thank.


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