Judge Nap On Latest Hillary Email Revelations: IT’S HUGE

Now that an independent auditor in the form of the Office of the Inspector General’s report that directly contradicts Hillary Clinton’s public assertions and declarations that she did not break rules or violate any laws has been released, the discussion on the matter has heated up. The reality, as we saw on Wednesday is that Mrs. Clinton knowingly violated the very rules she put into place for the rest of her staff to follow in regards to electronic communications.  And to make matters more infuriating for the public, she lied about it.

So, how big a deal is this when it comes to the FBI’s investigation of Hillary and any possible breaking of American sovereign law?  Fox News’ judicial analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, a man who can take emotion and politics out of any analysis for legal purposes, explains:

[iframe id=”http://video.foxnews.com/v/video-embed.html?video_id=4911270408001″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”640″]

“It disputes the heart of Mrs. Clinton’s defense.”

Well, Your Honor, that might be the understatement of the century.  It’s not just the heart of the defense that is the issue, but the reality that the woman lied to the American public, violated her own rules and the law, and left top secret information vulnerable to foreign agent hacking. Security review or not, what the OIG report does, as Judge Nap rightly points out, is give Hillary Clinton nowhere to hide politically or otherwise.  Nowhere.  After the release of the document, even The Washington Post said there was no excuse for her conduct as regards to email even in a litany of apologetics for her.

Get past all the abbreviations and government-speak, and what it comes down to is that Clinton should never have used a personal email account, no matter how secure she thought it was, for department business, and that she repeatedly failed to consult with personnel who should have been aware of how her personal system worked.

And this is why the OIG report, regardless of where the FBI investigation is as this time, is so devastating.  We the People – who are now paying attention thanks to Donald Trump more than anyone else – are seeing Hillary called on the carpet for misdeeds even if there are no criminal charges related to the report itself.  For her, the greatest punishment is bad political numbers.  This certainly isn’t going to help that.

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