Judge Nap Gives Opinion On Trump Campaign Manager Battery Case

Now that the surveillance video of the alleged “grabgate” incident featuring former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields has been released, and millions of amateur armchair law enforcement sorts have declared Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, either guilty or innocent depending, usually, on their previously declared preferences in a presidential candidate, it is time for the people who actually know the law and understand how it should be applied to chime in.

This writer defers to former federal judge Andrew Napolitano for an explanation of why this incident includes criminal battery…or not.

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Just to rehash what the good judge had to say:

“This is the moral equivalent of being jostled in a subway. … Not every unconsented-to touching is a criminal event,” he said, adding that Florida police and prosecutors “have no place getting involved.”

He said that the incident may rise to the level of a civil battery complaint being brought by Fields.

The judge said a prosecutor should exercise discretion in a case like this.

“The courts, prosecutors and police in Florida ought to have better things to do to maintain public safety and protect our rights and our property than this. … This is a case that should be dismissed by the courts and never should have been filed in the first place,” said Napolitano.

Given that Michelle Fields went through the Secret Service to place her hand on Donald Trump – a federal crime a this time – and that Corey Lewandowski was just defending his boss, nevermind that Fields was not shoved, Lewandowski’s hand placement does not match the alleged bruising, Fields never hit the ground and that she has pulled this sort of stunt before, Mrs. Trump is backing his man.

We’ll see where this leads.

After viewing all the video, to a lay eye, this particular incident has been blown massively out of proportion by a number of people and needs to die.

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