Judge Nap Dissects DOJ’s Ham-Fisted Attempt At Propaganda And History Altering

Loretta Lynch and the rest of the Obama Administration Department of Justice apparently didn’t get the memo that the Orlando shooter was a Muslim horse had left the barn while the attack was still happening.  No, instead, what Lynch and the other minions at the DOJ tried to pull on an overly-interested public on Monday was…um…do they think we are all that dumb?

Given the amount of news coverage the Orlando shooting-terrorist attack generated, one would think that the people at the highest levels of government would get that we knew Omar Mateen was invoking Allah while popping rounds in the Pulse nightclub.  Apparently not.  For some inexplicable reason, the Department of Justice head, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, decided to release the transcript of the 911 calls.  When she did so, a number of changes had been made to the wording.  Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano explains why it was a dumb move.

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“The Justice Department has seriously undermined its own credibility.”

“It is apparent that they were trying to rewrite history.”  In a nutshell, that is the reality informed Americans recognized without any trouble when he DOJ announced it would be releasing the transcripts with “changes.”  That just is not an honest presentation of the facts, a point that the Judge makes with amazing clarity.

From the beginning of the Orlando ordeal, the Obama administration has given the impression of being determined to deny that Islam, radical or not, had anything to do with the shooter, his motivations, his lifestyle choices, or any cultural pressure he may have been dealing with as a result of his sexual experience and desires.  Obama himself went out of his way to explain why he refuses to use the term “radical Islam” whether or not the two can be separated effectively.

The release of redacted and edited transcripts before the investigation on the Orlando shooting is complete is more of the same.  Judge Nap is right.  The Obama Justice Department – the whole administration, actually – is trying to sanitize history.  It’s been tried and done with better success over the years.  This instance was just poorly executed.

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