Judge Jeanine – Same Obama Song And Dance


Judge Jeanine recalls June of 2014, when she was first learning of ISIS and her recommendation to bomb the daylights out of them. She describes herself as an amateur, but still she was able to recognize what needed to be done. If Obama had taken her advice then, while they were still the JV team, this problem wouldn’t exist today.

Frustrated, Judge Jeanine says, “If this ‘president’ would stop apologizing for what we do, what we are, and stop saying, ‘you Christians, it’s your turn,’ as he did at a prayer breakfast, then maybe America would be united in a way where we understand that they’re coming, they’re here, we’re next.” Judge Pirro insists on viewing Obama from the American perspective, which is a mistake. Obama doesn’t want us to understand what he’s doing or to be united. He’s worked hard to divide us. If the American people knew what he was up to, he’d be in prison.

Judge Jeanine expresses her anger, saying, “If we’ve got people standing in the blood of innocent victims when they go for an innocent celebration, then we’ve got to recognize that we’ve got a problem at the top in this country.

She reminds the viewers how Obama refused to support President el-Sisi in Egypt after 35 million Egyptians threw out his Muslim Brotherhood crony Morsi. She says “Forget that, right now they’re here, they’re going to kill us; women, children – it doesn’t matter. We’ve got to declare war on them. We’ve got to start having a conversation about surveillance at mosques. We’ve got to make sure that in the jails these imams are going in and radicalizing people, they just want to kill us. I mean, how dumb are we?”

She agrees with Newt Gingrich’s observation that “We are sheep saying, ‘Why are the wolves killing us’ or ‘be nice to the wolves, not all wolves are bad,’ baloney.”

As Steve Doocy reports that the murderer driving the truck was named Mohamed, Judge Jeanine expresses her faux shock that he has an Islamic name, and is of the belief that he was supported by a terrorist group that provided him with the weaponry he had, apart from the truck itself.

She advocates the surveillance of mosques, however politically correct that might be. She predicts what Obama will do, coming out and saying how we “stand with France,” while he does nothing but stand or sit around doing nothing.

Judge Jeanine gives an endorsement to Donald Trump as the man to fix this problem that Hillary Clinton and Hussein Obama together created. She also gives her opinion on what is shaping up to be the pretend ‘president’s’ legacy of one or two words.

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