Judge Jeanine Has No Mercy For Lying Hypocrite Hillary Clinton Pandering To Black Voters


Judge Jeanine informs us that “this week Hillary is all better and she and her surrogates call on all Americans, all but us deplorables that is, to stand up and repudiate Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric. How? Through their own divisive rhetoric.”

She plays a clip of Clinton claiming that Trump has led the birther movement for the last five years, which is untrue. That position of respect and recognition should go to Dr. Orly Taitz and others. Racist Islamic invasion sympathizer Hakeem Jeffries joined in the character assassination making his own unfounded claims against the man who stands between his party and the end of America as structured under the Constitution.

She plays a clip of Donald Trump calling out Clinton as the starter of the birther controversy and declaring it to be ended. Judge Jeanine exposes the Obama Clinton plan that has been in motion for at least the last two years, saying, “Hillary Clinton is so desperate for the black vote that she insists on creating race issues.”

Clinton cites the description Trump gave of inner city America under Hussein Obama and the Democrats, the policies that she intends to continue, as if they are not a true and accurate depiction of the reality of the situation for those living on the Democrat plantation. Are they in the “unmentionable” of Democrat failures and attacks on America with Islamic terrorism?

Judge Jeanine gives Clinton the benefit of the doubt, saying, “Maybe your recent health issues have prevented you from grasping the reality of inner city crime, like that on the south side of Chicago. Where young kids drop out of school because they have no hope of a future, join gangs, get guns and engage in all-out war.”

She points to the ownership of the policies and the negative results by Clinton and Obama asking what they’ve done for that community over the last eight years, given their higher unemployment rate than when Obama first took the office of pretend president.

Then Judge Jeanine really lets loose on the two-faced, lying, pandering, opportunistic hypocrites.


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