Judge Jeanine – Guccifer More Evidence Clinton Should Be In Prison


Judge Jeanine Pirro takes note of the description used by one of the many who hacked Hillary Clinton’s spy-friendly server, the Romanian who goes by the handle “Guccifer.” He described the Clinton server as “an open orchid on the Internet” with it being so easy to hack into that there were ten others harvesting data at the same time.

Judge Pirro reads the situation, and the fact that Guccifer has been extradited to the United States and is cooperating. She says, “When the United States government and the Romanian government agree that someone who is in prison in Romania is going to be extradited to the US to give us evidence, that tells me that the FBI, and I said this a month ago on my show, the FBI is coming close to an end with this investigation.”

Judge Jeanine quotes the Clinton campaign as saying “Oh this guy is just a hacker and he’s a liar. And they say something like ‘it’s unfathomable that he would have gained access to her emails.’” She and Hannity point out that it was a “’mom and pop shop’ server in a bathroom closet.”

Pirro disputes the Clinton assertion he’s a guy who’s most likely to hack, it’s what he does for a living, asking “Are you kidding me? Who’s a better hacker than a hacker?”

They point to the offense of the storage of government information in an insecure, unauthorized location being a crime itself and the ludicrous nature of the Clinton claims that she never had any of those email classifications in her correspondence. Of course she did, and if not, she wasn’t doing anything for four years and we should get our money back, Pirro argued.

Pirro says that undoubtedly FBI Director Comey will refer Clinton for indictment, the question is what will Loretta Lynch do, block or proceed.

Pirro recommends jail for Clinton who is responsible for the loss of American lives at Benghazi. Unfortunately, it’s the responsibility of a Democrat partisan, Loretta Lynch, who admitted to placing politics above the law in her confirmation hearings, to decide. Her corruption combined with that of the Senators who approved her for Attorney General is what has this thing still up in the air. If she were anybody else, as we all know, or representative of any other group than the globalist cabal, she’d already be behind bars.


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