Judge Jeanine – Differences Between Trump and Obama/Clinton


Judge  Jeanine Pirro asks in her Opening Statement which America her audience sees, and for illustrative purposes plays a clip of Donald Trump followed by one of the foreign subversive propagandist in the White House. Trump said at the RNC, “Our convention occurs at a moment of crisis for our nation. The attacks on our police and the terrorism of our cities threaten our very way of life. Any politician who does not grasp this danger is not fit to lead our country.”

The Democrats have two “leaders” who fit the unfit bill, the current one and the prospective Hillary Clinton. Judge Jeanine plays a clip from the current occupier of the oval office in which he said a few hours later, “This vision of violence and chaos everywhere doesn’t really jibe with the experience of most people.” True, most of us haven’t “experienced” a terrorist attack but unlike the communist in denial, we recognize the threat.

Judge Jeanine questions Obama’s inserting himself into the race as well as his self-serving claims that Trump’s vision of America, the America Obama is dismantling, was wrong and that there is much less violence in America than twenty or thirty years ago. Judge Jeanine points out that the number of firearms doubling in that period of time in the United States just might have something to do with the lower crime figures. Pirro also notes that on the flip side, homicide rates in large cities are skyrocketing. So, from what passes as “logic” with Hussein Obama, she’s supposed to feel good about escalating murder rates because other crime is trending downward.

Jeanine plays another clip of Trump, with him citing statistics that 180,000 illegals with criminal records are tonight roaming free on our streets despite having deportation orders. He says, “No more. One more child to sacrifice on the order and on the altar of open borders.”

Notice that the big-eared communist terms it illegal “migration” into the United States. That’s how the globalists at the UN describe the invasive hordes attacking the west, migration. Obama said, “The rate of illegal migration into the United States today is lower by two-thirds than it was when Ronald Reagan was president. That’s a lie, he’s massaging those numbers, failing to include the “refugees” from Central America and other word parsing which provides him the ammunition to tell a lie and have “facts” support it. He’s never challenged to support the facts, so maybe he’s just lying. It wouldn’t be the first time.

He says “We have far fewer ‘undocumented workers’ crossing the border today than we did in the 80s, or the 90s or when George Bush was president. That’s a fact.” No, that’s a lie, a distortion based upon an erroneous definition. There are no undocumented workers crossing the border because at that point they aren’t working, they’re sneaking and trespassing. They don’t become workers until some traitorous American or another illegal alien puts them to work.”

Every word means something with these dishonest criminals and nothing can be assumed to mean what it would in a normal, honest conversation. There is nothing normal or honest about the Obama – Clinton Crime Syndicate.

Judge Jeanine questions the veracity of his numbers and his ability to get them but fails to properly scrutinize the definitions. She does find other problems with his misrepresentations.

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